Why Attend Transnational Conferences (For Africans)


First, it will be helpful to define transnational conferences as “conferences within the African Continent”.

In addition to feeling more comfortable or at home during presentations, attending transnational conferences could go a long way to make your visa applications easier and successful. “How so?” you may ask. Consider a key reason.

Academicians would attest to the fact that international conferences are essential for academic growth and career-building. Have you ever been denied a visa to attend an international conference? Perhaps outside your continent? Maybe not. That is great, but it does happen. I have a friend whose academic profile is quite impressive, yet she was twice denied visas to attend conferences in Europe. One of the European Embassies was kind enough to let her know the reason- her visa application was not convincing enough because she had no international travel experience!!!  She had never left the shores of Nigeria! Sad… but she is not alone. Many of us have never left our countries. This can make it really difficult to be granted visas to countries in other continents.

Now this is to impress on us the need to acquire travel experiences outside one’s country. Fortunately, visa policies in most African countries are friendly. You can build up an international travel profile by getting transnational travel experiences for a start. Begin by applying for and attending conferences within Africa. Maybe in one, two or three different African countries and you would have shot two birds with one stone (a win-win situation). For one, transnational conferences count as international conferences in your academic portfolio. On the other hand, they make it easier for you to be granted visas to countries in other continents.

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