Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM) Research Grant 2019: Call for Proposal


Applications are invited for the $15,000 one-year Patient Blood Management grant. The SABM Research Grant is intended to advance the field of patient blood management by supporting an investigator who intends to study methods of promoting blood conservation. This one-year grant provides starter funding to further scientific inquiry and clinical knowledge in the field of patient blood management. Preference will be given to junior faculty who will be advised by an experienced mentor. It is anticipated that the funded study will generate results that can be used as pilot data or preliminary findings to support future grant applications focused on methods to improve patient blood management and to promote blood conservation. It is expected that all applicants will be members of SABM, or will become members of SABM for at least one year.

The awardee will be informed by June 30, 2019 and it is mandatory that the grant recipient be able to attend the SABM annual meeting September 19-21, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland to be formally recognized. Funding will begin October 1, 2019. The $15,000 does not include any extra funding to cover indirect institutional costs. Scholarly activity generated by this grant will be presented to the SABM members at the SABM annual meeting in
2020, and is expected to be published in peer-reviewed journals. A progress report submitted to the SABM Research Committee is expected 12 months after the funding is issued.
Areas of research that will be considered are:
1. Process Improvement
Anemia management, blood conservation (preventing transfusion overuse, education, transfusion guidelines), cost/benefit analysis, point of care testing, blood utilization data collection and
presentation, massive transfusion.
2. Scientific Inquiry
Pharmaceutical advances, surgical technology, blood salvage, physiology, pharmacology as it relates to patient blood management, point of care testing (thromboelastography and/or platelet
mapping), outcome data in relation to blood utilization and blood conservation.
Applications are open to fellows and junior faculty (five years or less out of training and at a rank no higher than Assistant Professor). Applications are also open to nurses, pharmacists, perfusionists, and patient blood management or bloodless program coordinators.
Paperless Application
A complete Application Packet consists of the following documents, arranged in the following order:
A. Application
B. Budget and budget justification
C. Applicant’s curriculum vitae
D. Departmental Chair’s Letter of Support
E. Institutional Review Board approval or copy of submission letter.

Application deadline: June 1, 2019 (23:59:59 EDT)

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