Enterprise Fellowships for Researchers, Recent Graduates, and International PhD Students in UK, 2019


Applications are now open for the Enterprise Fellowship programme organized by the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK. The programme supports innovative, creative entrepreneurial engineers who have demonstrated an exceptional innovation in engineering which they want to develop further. To date the Enterprise Hub has provided training, mentoring and £4.5million seed funding to 94 Enterprise Fellows (‘Hub Members’).


The Fellowships provide:

  • Up to £60,000 equity-free funding
  • Tailored mentoring and training
  • PR, marketing and promotion
  • Access to Royal Academy’s drop-in workspace in central London

Successful applicants will be invited to become an Enterprise Hub Member, and will continue to receive an exceptional package of lifetime support, including continued access to facilities, training programme, PR and media support, network of investors, experts, advisors and Academy Fellows.


The programmme supports three types of individuals through our Enterprise Fellowships; researchers wishing to spinout a company from a university or research institute, recent graduates wishing to create a company, and international PhD students based in the UK, wishing to spin out or start up.

University or Research Institute Employees only:

  • Applicants must be working at a UK Higher Education Institute, Research Council Insitute of National Laboratory, in an engineering department (or engineering focussed research area) and must have a PhD or equivalent experience. PhD students are eligible to apply, but must receive their PhD before they start the Fellowship or the offer will be withdrawn
  • The applicant must currently be a researcher, or was a researcher up until the time when they chose to pursue this commercialisation project
  • All levels of academic and researcher are eligible, from third-year PhD students all the way through to Professor or Director. The scheme is not aimed exclusively at ‘post-doctoral’ researchers
  • The applicant must have been involved in the research which is being commercialised, either as the lead researcher, or as part of the core team

Recent graduates only:

  • Applicants must be based in the UK and be currently studying for, or have been awarded their very first degree, no earlier than 1 January 2014. Additionally, the degree must be in engineering, design, IT, or a related discipline. Undergraduate students are eligible to apply, but must receive their degree before they start the Fellowship or the offer will be withdrawn
  • The Fellowship is intended for applicants who lack the support structure provided by well-established employers. Awardees cannot be employed by a university or well-established company during the period of the award. You may apply while employed by such an established organisation, but must leave the organisation prior to commencing the award. You may be employed by the start-up business to which the application relates, although it must still be in the start-up phase. You may have been through an accelerator programme, but should not be on one during the award.

International PhD students only:

  • May apply through either the university spinout route or the graduate startup route, depending on your employment situation. If applying under the graduate route, your date of graduation of your first degree does not affect your eligibility. Please call if you would like to discuss
  • Must be a non-UK citizen
  • Must be eligible to work in the UK for the entire period of the Fellowship
  • Must be studying for a PhD at a UK Higher Education Institute, in an engineering department, or related research area
  • Must receive their PhD between 1 January 2019 and 1 December 2019

To apply, visit the official page

Application deadline: First stage – August 19, 2019; Second stage – September 16, 2019.


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