PhD Studentship in Economics (Graduate Teaching Studentship), Maynooth University, Ireland 2019


The Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting is pleased to announce that one (1) departmental PhD Studentships will be available for one student intending to commence PhD studies in Economics in September 2019 or in the early stage of PhD studies (less than one year). MU is Ireland’s fastest growing university which has a wide range of subjects and has academic excellence in the humanities and sciences.


  • Full annual tuition fee support (approximately €6200 per annum);
  • A fixed maintenance award of €9007 per annum;
  • Participation in departmental activities as a Graduate Teaching Assistant with a requirement to undertake teaching support duties for up to 25% of the notional study year. This will involve up to 455 hours of teaching support duties in the course of a year, with not more than 20 hours in any one week. These duties will be carried out under the direction of the Head of Department, or a member of staff nominated by the Head.
  • The studentship will be awarded for 5 years or 4 years depending on whether the successful student is commencing study or is in the early stage of PhD studies. Five (5) or four (4) years is the expected duration of the studies, subject to satisfactory annual review of progress in research, and performance in teaching support.


  • All students from any nationality who are going to commence their study in September 2019 are eligible to apply
  • Participants can apply for a PhD degree program within the Department of Economics, Finance, and Accounting at the university.
  • Candidates who have fees paid from external sources are not eligible to apply for this award.

Application Procedure

Applicants for the studentship are asked to submit to [email protected] (please put “Graduate Teaching Studentship” in subject line):

  1. a cover letter outlining their interest in and suitability for the position, highlighting their experience in teaching/tutoring and related activities and the relevance of their proposed research to the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting;
  2. a Curriculum Vitae;
  3. an outline of their proposed PhD research (2500-3000 words).

Application deadline: 5.00pm on Sunday, July 28, 2019 

Contact [email protected] for more details or visit the official page


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