Call for Chapter Contributions: Microbial Biotechnology in Green Remediation, Elsevier 2020

Elsevier requests interested scholars to submit Chapter Contributions for a book titled “Microbial Biotechnology in Green Remediation”. The book will undergo Rigorous, fair and efficient peer review process.

Elsevier helps researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society.

Interested authors who would like to share their thought on Microbial Biotechnology in Green Remediation should submit their proposals on the following titles;

Recommended Topics
  • Role of Microbes in Ecosystem Services
  •  Microbial Biotechnology: A Promising Tool for Sustainable Soil Management
  •  Emerging Issues and Challenges for Microbe Assisted Remediation
  •  Microbial Enzymes: The Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Biocontrol Agents
  • Promoting Crop Growth with Symbiotic Microbes in Agro-Ecosystems
  • The Role of Soil Microorganisms in Plant Sulphur Nutrition
  • Cyanobacteria and Cyanoremediation for Agro-Environmental Sustainability
  • Microalgae – A Promising Tool For Heavy Metal Remediation
  • Microbial Remediation of Hexavalent Chromium From The Contaminated Soils
  • Biosorption of Uranium and Uranyl Ions Using Microbes
  • Phyllosphere Microbiome and Its Importance in Sustainable Agriculture
  • Mycoremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
  • Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi for Enhanced Production and Crop Yield
  • Role of Biosurfactants on Microbial Degradation of oil-contaminated Soils
  • Microbial Keratinase: Next Generation Proteases for Sustainable Soil and Biotechnology.
  • Bacillus: Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Antimycotic Role of BacillusSp. for Rice Pathogens and Pests
  • Azotobacter Sp. for Bioremediation of Crude Oil Waste Contaminated Soil
  • Paenibacillus polymyxa: A Prominent Biofertilizer for Sustainable Cultivation
  • Pseudomonas Sp. in Sustainable Agriculture and Disease Management
  • Lipase and Lactic Acid Bacteria for Biodegradation and Bioremediation
  • Methanotrophs: The Promising Bacteria for Soil Reclamation
  • Siderophore Producing Bacteria for Bioremediation of Metals and Organic Compounds
  • PGPR: An Alternative for NPK Fertilizers PART-IV
  • Nanotechnology and Green Nano-Synthesis for Nano-Bioremediation
  • Microbially Synthesised Nanoparticles for Soil Remediation
  • Microbial Quorum Sensing Systems: New and Emerging Trends of Biotechnology In Bioremediation
  • Microbe Mediated Genetic Engineering for Enhanced Crop Production
  • Metagenomics: A Genomic Tool for Monitoring Microbial Communities During Bioremediation
  • Bioinformatics in Microbial Biotechnology: A Genomics and Proteomics Perspective. Interested authors can contact the editor with a title.
Submission Procedures

For more information and application, contact;

Editor: Dr Junaid Malik GDC Bijbehara, Kashmir


Deadline: October 15, 2020