African Studies Centre Leiden 2023 Master Thesis Awards

The African Studies Centre Leiden is offering graduate students interested in Africa and whose master thesis is on a related subject the chance to win € 500 from their Master Thesis Awards and as well have the thesis published in the ASCL’s African Studies Collection

The award aims to encourage students’ research and writing on African topics and promote studying African cultures and societies. It is presented annually to a student whose master’s thesis has been completed on the basis of research conducted on an African topic.

The thesis should be based on independent empirical research with a geographical focus on an African country, region, or its migrant communities elsewhere in the world. Theses in the social sciences or humanities fields can be submitted (geography, political science, anthropology, development studies, economics, history, religion, literature) in English, French, or Dutch. Should the thesis be in Dutch, a five-page English summary has to be attached.

The ASCL invites theses that stand out in terms of subject, theory, and methodology. The jury values an original approach, new insights, and a combination of scientific and societal relevance. In addition, the jury considers the importance of the thesis in relation to development-related issues, its style and readability, and its interest in the general public.


The master thesis award consists of a prize of € 500 and the publication of the winning thesis in the ASCL’s African Studies Collection.


To qualify for the African Master Thesis Awards, applicants must be:

  • Master students who have completed their thesis at a university on the African continent or in the Netherlands can apply for the Africa Thesis Award 2023.
  • Students in the Netherlands must have received an 8 out of 10 or above.
  • Students from non-Dutch universities with a grade A (or equivalent) may apply if the accompanying letter from the supervisor confirms the thesis’ excellence and supports the grade score.
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Application Process

If a student or supervisor considers the thesis to fulfil the above criteria and to merit an award, the thesis may be submitted. Every submission must include:

  • a digital version of the thesis in PDF
  • a summary (max. 300 words)
  • a signed letter of recommendation from the student’s supervisor, detailing the quality of the thesis and an explanation of the grade, and details of the educational institution from which the student has graduated.

Deadline: August 31, 2023.

For more information on the African Studies Centre Leiden 2023 Master Thesis Awards, visit the official site.

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