AH Young Scholar of the Month of December 2020

Meet AH Young Scholar for the month of December, Motunrayo Arogundade from Nigeria!

Motunrayo, popularly referred to as “Mo” holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management (CIPD qualified) from the National College of Ireland in Dublin. She’s a lover of research. Her MSc. research work was on the “Impact of organisational culture on employee performance in a multinational”. Using modern research techniques, her research sought to understand how several cultural elements affect employees’ performance in a company that is multi-cultural.

Her research interests include culture and emotional intelligence. Currently, Mo is researching effective ways of harnessing emotional intelligence within the workplace to improve employee engagement and achieve work-life balance in a digitalized environment.

In addition to her Master’s degree, Mo’s has a B.Sc. English Language (Major) from Babcock University Nigeria, and a Diploma in French.

Over her academic years, Mo has displayed impressive leadership qualities. During her Secondary (High) school education, she served as Games prefect. During her BSc, she was an Executive Member of Chapel; and during her Master program, she was appointed the Class governor due to her impressive grades.

When Mo is not researching, she spends time freelancing as a content writer for a children’s magazine. She’s dexterous as she has at least six skills off her sleeves (some of which include baking pastries, sewing, bead-making, cooking just to name a few). This show that although being a researcher, she’s been able to balance study with other aspects of life. Hence, her interest in work-life balance studies. Mo finds travelling exciting. She has explored some hotspot destinations in about three (3) African countries- Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa.

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Mo is keenly interested in helping people (especially women) find balance in varying aspects of their life and that’s what she intends to research on for her PhD. She explained that such research will have a positive impact on the African workplace community. It will unravel the whole nitty-gritty of understanding people (especially women) working in the IT sector. Being experienced in the IT sector, she understands that married women with children within that sector are mentally stressed. The sector is very sedentary but mentally engrossing and intellectually strained. This affects the wellbeing of working married African women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The big picture from her proposed research is to help reduce the mental burden women bear while combining work and home. The research will proffer unique ways of striking a balance and also furnish the young community of African researchers with the balance needed to succeed.

We look forward to hearing her tell us about the challenges she faces as a researcher, how she handles them and the joys of being a researcher, during our live Instagram chat that will take place later in the month of December.

Are you interested in Mo’s research areas? Do you want to know how she overcame her challenges as an African researcher in the UK? Follow @AcademicHive on Instagram as we will have the honor of live hosting Mo in the month of December 2020! You don’t want to miss that.

You can also follow Mo on Instagram: @thegypsytourist and LinkedIn: Mo Arogundade

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