Assistant Professor in Biophysics of Drug-Target Interactions

The Department of Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS) invites applications for an Assistant Professor in Biophysics of Drug-Target Interactions at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences department of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a stronghold in the national focus area of Chemistry of Life. Research is centered around the main molecular disciplines in early discovery, molecular toxicology, systems-based biochemistry, computer-aided drug design, and organic synthesis of biologically active compounds. As part of a multidisciplinary team and collaborative environment, we offer access to state-of-the-art laboratories (that include among others high-throughput screening, X-ray protein & small molecule crystallography, SPR, ITC, and NMR facilities) as well as a wide range of CADD, organic synthesis, biochemical, pharmacological, chemical biology, and analytical instrumentation.


While given time to grow as an academic researcher, the position of Assistant Professor in Biophysics of Drug-Target Interactions involves research, education, and management tasks and includes the following responsibilities:

  • Developing own creative research line by developing biophysical screening assays and participating in multi-disciplinary collaborations that aim to study molecular features of ligand-protein interaction of interest. 
  • Pursuing a continuous output by publishing in journals as the leading author (and/or in a bigger team).
  • Acquisition of external funding for research.
  • Building up a successful group around their field of expertise (in the long term), amongst others by recruiting talented students.
  • The Medicinal Chemistry group has excellent ties to biotech companies and the successful candidate will be encouraged to strengthen and broaden these.
  • (Co-)supervision of PhD students, junior researchers/lecturers, and postdoctoral researchers.
  • Actively promoting the group’s research to gain (international) visibility.
  • Willing to contribute to the available teaching opportunities, e.g., in the MSc program Drug Discovery and Safety.
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  • A gross monthly salary of  € 3,807 – € 5,211 per month depending on previous research experience, based on full-time employment.
  • Active support in setting up a research group
  • An 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus
  • Solid pension scheme (ABP)
  • Ample opportunity and support to grow as a scientist, leader, and entrepreneur
  • A maximum of 41 days of annual leave based on full-time employment
  • Possibility to save holiday hours, for sabbatical leave
  • Child daycare facilities are available on campus

Job Requirements

The position of Assistant Professor in Biophysics of Drug-Target Interactions seeks candidates with

  • a PhD in the field of Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biophysics (or related) with ample experience in establishing and employing biophysical assays
  • several years of postdoctoral research experience in a relevant field, preferably outside of the institute where you earned your PhD
  • a solid track record in the field of biophysical screening and interrogation of drug-target interactions
  • the willingness to collaborate in a multidisciplinary team with other researchers of the Medicinal Chemistry group,
  • the ability to evaluate and implement technological developments in the field of biophysical techniques for screening and understanding molecular drug-target interactions

Application Process

Interested applicants for the Assistant Professor in Biophysics of Drug-Target Interactions can apply and ensure that they attach the following:

  • curriculum vitae and
  • cover letter

To apply as an Assistant Professor in Biophysics of Drug-Target Interactions, click here.

Application Deadline: September 01, 2022.

For more information, visit the official site.

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