Best College Apps for Managing Your Time and Staying Organized

Coping with the demands of day-to-day life can be quite a challenge. And when you factor in the element of time, things can become even more intricate, especially for college students who often find themselves juggling various responsibilities. However, there’s a glimmer of hope – a range of exceptional apps are readily available to provide a sense of structure and organization amidst this hustle and bustle. These apps offer a helping hand in managing tasks, deadlines, and activities, ensuring that the busy lives of college students become more streamlined and manageable.

1. 1Password App

1Password is a password manager designed to help individuals securely manage their passwords and personal data. It provides a single place to store and access your confidential information, including usernames, passwords, credit cards, notes, and more.

  • Price: $2.99 per month billed annually
  • Available on: Android and iOS

2. Instapaper or Pocket

Try out a handy app for saving website bookmarks. It helps you remember articles you want to read later. You can read stuff online or offline in a way that works on your phone. You can also arrange your content easily and look at it from any device. And if you like, you can just listen to the articles using text-to-speech technology.

  • Price: Free
  • Available on: Android and iOS

3. myHomework Student Planner App

myHomework Student Planner helps students keep track of assignments, exams, classes, and more. It also has a feature that can be used to create and manage a study schedule. Additionally, it syncs with Google Calendar, making it easy to stay on top of due dates and upcoming events.

  • Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)
  • Available on: Android and iOS
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4. Google Drive App

Google Drive is a cloud storage and file synchronization service. It allows users to store files and folders in the cloud, and share and synchronize files across multiple devices.

  • Price: 15 GB free (upgrades available)
  • Available on: Android and iOS

5. Freedom

Freedom is designed to help college students focus on their studies by blocking time-wasting websites, apps, and notifications to increase productivity and reduce distractions.

  • Price: $2.50 per month
  • Available on: Android and iOS

6. Adobe Scan

Turn your mobile device into a portable scanner. You can take a picture of anything and turn it into a shareable PDF that you can email or send to other storage apps like Dropbox or Google Drive. Plus, it even recognizes text automatically.

  • Price: Free to download (in-app purchases available)
  • Available on: Android and iOS

7. Todoist

Try using the best to-do list app to stay organized in your busy life. It helps you manage tasks, even when you’re not online. You can set deadlines and make smaller tasks within bigger ones to stay organized. You can also share tasks and projects with others and see how much you’ve gotten done.

  • Price: Free to download (in-app purchases available)
  • Available on: Android and iOS

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