Best Research Database to make Use of

 A research database is where you find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles also. Each database contains thousands of articles published in many different journals, allowing you to find relevant articles faster than you would by searching individual journals.

Consider browsing through the following list to uncover databases you can use if you’re finishing off a research project or seeking further, trustworthy information about a specific topic:


A huge number of different disciplines’ literature are available in the Scopus database. While some services are provided without charge, a subscription is necessary to access the database completely. One distinctive aspect of Scopus is that it ranks journals and authors according to their h-index, which keeps track of how many people cite a particular resource. You may use this to identify reliable sources without having to read many articles.


It is a platform with paid access that offers (usually via the internet) access to numerous databases that contain reference and citation data from academic journals, conference proceedings, and other publications in a variety of academic disciplines.


CORE is a database that contains global sources. Journals, articles, essays, and other forms of sources are available, as well as unprocessed data on a range of subjects. CORE requires subscription, but may free for professionals and students who access through their workplace or college. Users with a CORE membership can share their peer-reviewed writing as well as access sources.


DOAJ is a unique and extensive index of diverse open-access journals from around the world, driven by a growing community, committed to ensuring quality content is freely available online for everyone. All DOAJ services are free of charge. There are currently about 20,000 journals and 8 million articles.

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Public Library of Science (PLOS) is a nonprofit publisher of research journals. For professionals and students, this open-source database offers access to research in science and medicine. The openness of PLOS promotes scientific collaboration and facilitates the speedy online dissemination of research results.


EconBiz is a virtual library for people researching in business and economics. This resource was developed in 2002 by the German National Library of Economics, Leibniz Information Center for Economics. In addition to research journals, it provides a calendar of economics and business conferences, a guide to help you learn how to search for documents, and filters so that you can search quickly and easily. It is free to use and offers a variety of useful tools.


Research in the arts and humanities is available for free through the JURN database. You can download the complete text of a lot of papers and research journals once you become a member by creating an account. Since its launch in 2009, JURN has expanded to assist researchers in gaining access to data in the fields of business, economics, and biology.


The ABI/INFORM Collection database is a helpful resource for learning about businesses and economic conditions. This database provides articles and excerpts on a variety of subjects, including managerial strategies, product information, and economic situations. Global sources are available through ABI/INFORM Collection, but access requires membership or college identification credentials.


Communication and Mass media is a free academic database. However, it focuses on supplying literature for subjects including communication, media studies, linguistics, discourse, and rhetoric. Using Communication & Mass Media Complete, users can locate full-text content and abstracts from respected publications and periodicals.

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PsychINFO is a database with articles on psychology and sociology that is sponsored by the American Psychological Association. Professionals in psychology, such as counselors, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists, can utilize this as a study tool. By entering the database with a login and password provided by the college, you can access PsychINFO for free as a college student or faculty member.

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