Cadbury Postdoctoral Fellow in African Studies-School of History and Cultures

The Department of African Studies and Anthropology (DASA) at the University of Birmingham is looking for a postdoctoral fellow in African Studies to contribute to their research and teaching in the School of History and Cultures.

The Cadbury Postdoctoral position is supported by an endowment that allows employees from sub-Saharan African universities to spend time at the University of Birmingham. As a result, applicants must be currently based on the African continent and linked with an African Higher Education Institution to be considered for the position.

The candidate will be responsible for a major research and publication program. Furthermore, the candidate will encourage interchange and collaboration between DASA and one or more African universities and involve non-academic audiences and research beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries.

Location: University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham UK

Duration:18 Months


  • Work within specified research grants and projects and contribute to writing bids.
  • Teaching and assessment of modules, dissertation supervision, tutorial sessions.
  • Analyze and interpret research findings and results.
  • Contribute to generating funding.


Fellow in the School of History and Cultures will enjoy;

  • up to £30,942 salary allowance per year,
  • visa and pre-agreed visa application expenses, and
  • he/she will have access to the National Health Service. 

Job Requirements

The School of History and Cultures, University of Birmingham seeks for

  • Applicants currently based on the African continent and working or linked with a higher education institution in Africa.
  • Applicants with an acceptable research and publishing record
  • Candidate with plausible and feasible research and publication project in the discipline of African Studies.
  • Applicants with the ability to contribute to African Studies teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including introductory (first-year undergraduate) classes.
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Application Process

In application to the Cadbury Postdoctoral Fellow in African Studies – School of History and Cultures, the applicant must upload a piece of published research as part of their research program

To apply, click here

Application Deadline: July 9, 2021

For more information, visit the official site.

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