Call for Applications: Data Scientist / Data Science Engineer

The University of Amsterdam Law School currently has an opening for a Data scientist / Data Science Engineer.

As a data scientist/engineer at the Amsterdam Law School, candidates will support the development and implementation of data science in the faculty. They will work in close connection with multiple research groups within the Amsterdam Research Institute for Legal Studies (ARILS) that already have experience with data science. But they will also reach out to other research groups that might benefit from (further) learning about integrating data science into their work. The data scientist/engineer will work across all of the faculty’s domains.

They will be closely connected to the University of Amsterdam Data Science Centre (DSC). DSC’s mission is to enhance the university’s research and education by developing, sharing, and applying data science methods and technologies. As a coordinating hub within the UvA Library, the centre is uniquely positioned to facilitate knowledge exchange as well as the training of skills related to digital and data-driven research and thus contributes to the innovation, diffusion, and cross-pollination of data science across the university. As a member of DSC, they will engage with data scientists, engineers, and researchers from across the university in a unique network.


To facilitate the use of data science within the law school, candidates will:

  • be connected to existing empirical scholars to support them in their existing research and help them with the scientific challenges they face in their research; 
  • assess what other interests and needs there are within the faculty for empirical or data analytical work, and develop training and support for these researchers;
  • will form an informal network where researchers support each other as well as other scholars in the Law School with questions they have about methods (“the research methods garage”).
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  • depending on your relevant experience at the commencement of the employment contract, ranges between €4.332 and €5.929 gross per month on the basis of a full working
  • a position in which initiative and input are highly valued;
  • an enthusiastic, inspiring and professional team that is open to new colleagues;
  • an inspiring academic and international working environment in the heart of Amsterdam.

Job Requirements

The Data Scientist / Data Science Engineer position seeks applicants who;

  • hold a relevant university degree;
  • are able to understand legal research, social science research, and humanities research;
  • have knowledge of data science and a strong methodological background;
  • can support, design, and analyze experimental, survey, and econometric data research;
  • have a high level of expertise in the most important data analysis software packages (such as SPSS, Stata, and R) and should preferably also have expertise in different sorts of regressions, longitudinal analysis, interactions, and structural equation modeling;
  • are able to connect to multiple stakeholders from different disciplines;
  • are able to support and improve methods elaboration in research grant applications;
  • have a strong cooperative attitude;
  • can collaborate with the other data engineers and data scientists at the DSC and beyond;
  • have a good written and oral command of both Dutch and English

Application Process

Interested applicants should submit the following documents:

  • curriculum vitae,
  • a letter of motivation

To apply for the Call for Applications: Data Scientist / Data Science Engineerclick here.

Deadline: August 21, 2023.

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