Call for Papers, AJS Perspectives: The Protest Issue

The Association for Jewish Studies (AJS) Perspectives welcome submissions of paper to its Magazine on the theme “The Protest Issue”.

Recent years have seen the rise of street protests across North America and the world, demanding an end to systemic racism and calling for oppressive or ineffective leaders to step down. For the Protest Issue, AJS seek essays that identify, recover, or critique acts of protest in Jewish history, politics, art, and literature.

AJS particularly encourage creative, narrative, or other non-standard academic forms of writing, including submissions of annotated texts, first-person reflections, immersive non-fiction, teaching case studies, photo essays, mixed media submissions, infographics, art, etc.

AJS aims at promoting a diversity of voices including career stage, geographical location, gender, religion, race, sexuality, and ability.

Theme:  The Protest Issue
Submission Process

Authors are expected to submit:

  • A completed essay approximately 1,000 words,
  • A pitch or an abstract of up to 250 words (1500 characters) that describes the proposed essay (or graphic submission)
  • A draft of the first paragraph of the AJSP essay

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Deadline for Submission of abstracts/pitches:

September 15, 2020

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