Call for Papers at Qatar Centre for Global Banking & Finance for It Annual Conference

The Qatar Centre for Global Banking & Finance at King’s Business School calls for paper for its 2nd annual conference in London.

Qatar Centre for Global Banking & Finance (QCGBF) is a research center dedicated to the study of central banks and the challenges they face in the global environment. It aims to develop cutting-edge research in all areas of central bank policymaking, ranging from monetary policy to financial stability and regulation.

The conference provides a platform for experts from across the globe to present and discuss new research that can help central banks deal with the fundamental shifts in the global economy and financial system that are occurring at this time. Such shifts include the immediate challenges of managing the pandemic and its aftermath, as well as a range of significant ongoing structural changes

They welcome paper submissions on any topic of relevance to central bank policy. Areas of specific interest include:

  • Central bank mandates, governance arrangements and policy frameworks to guide central bank asset purchases and liquidity support operations
  • Interactions between monetary, macroprudential and fiscal policies in a world of low-interest rates and extreme shocks 
  • The drivers and dynamics of inflation, and the role of expectations  
  • Demographic change and its implications for asset prices and the macroeconomy  
  • Climate change, the transition to net-zero and its implications for the macroeconomy and financial system  
  • Systemic risk in the shadow banking system and the appropriate regulatory response  
  • Technological change in the financial system, including CBDC, and its implications for monetary policy and financial stability  
  • Advances in data analytics for central banking.
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Conference Theme: “The Role of Central Banks in a Transforming World”.

Conference Date:  July 05-06, 2022

Venue: Kings Business School, Kings College London

Submission Guidelines

All papers submitted for the Qatar Centre for Global Banking & Finance conference call should be uploaded as a PDF. There is no limit to the number of words. Please use keywords to identify the key themes of your paper. Submissions are limited to one paper per person. References to be submitted separately. Abstracts will not be accepted.

For guidelines on submission click here

Submission Deadline: March 06, 2022

For more information, visit the official site.

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