Call for Proposals: The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grants 2023

The call for proposals is currently open for the Call for Proposals: The Internet Society Foundation’s research grants 2023.

The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Program supports global research collaborations that advance understanding of the Internet and its value for all. The aim of the grant is to:

  • Promote novel methodologies that generate solutions to Internet-related challenges
  • Identify and support a diverse and collaborative group of researchers and research institutions
  • Facilitate access to intersectional research that can be applied to decision-making in government and industry

The Internet Society Foundation’s program is for research that is applied and open, meaning the research seeks to answer a real-world question and should be openly published and made available to the scientific community at no cost. The Foundation supports research involving human or animal subjects when the project has been certified by a responsible body to be ethical and in compliance with local law. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator of the project to obtain these certifications.

Grants will be awarded directly to individuals who are identified as the principal investigator on the project and he/she will be responsible for grant management including all reporting requirements during the life of the grant.


The The Internet Society Foundation provides for two levels of funding:

  • Independent researchers may apply for funding up to US$200,000.
  • Organizations and institutions may apply for funding up to US$500,000. One or more awards in each of the thematic areas are anticipated subject to fiscal year funding.


  • The Internet Society Foundation seek Independent researchers who has a postgraduate research degree (PhD, Masters) and peer-reviewed publications, patents, and academic or independently published work in the relevant area.
  • Public research institutions should be 501c3 or equivalent and should have a mission that is aligned with that of the Foundation. (Private institutions are not eligible entities to receive funding).
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Additionally, applicants must ensure that they meet these basic requirements. Underrepresented groups in the research world are highly Welcome to apply.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria, is the research:

  • in line with one of the Foundation’s thematic areas?
  • novel?
  • applied?
  • collaborative?

Application Process

Interested applicants for The Internet Society Foundation’s research grants 2023 are now to submit a single application through Fluxx below.

To apply for The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grants 2023, click here.

Deadline: May 31, 2023.

For more information on The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grants 2023, visit the official site.