Calls for Reviewers: Global Development Network 2020 (Paid)

The Global Development Network is recruiting reviewers to conduct the assessment of research proposals under the ORD category of the Global Development Awards Competition.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought into the limelight the links between extreme environmental pressure, unsustainable economic activity and public health emergencies.

Therefore, calls for renewed and courageous political action and a refurbish in policy approaches to steer the crisis, are close to the universal. Yet, little is known about how to effectively address the links between health, environment and economic wellbeing, apart from the fact that the nexus ‘presents multiple convoluted challenges at national, regional, continental, and global levels’. Questions relate both to the nature of this nexus, and to the kind of policy processes and initiatives that might address it effectively

However, the 2020 edition of the Global Development Network’s Japanese Awards for Outstanding Research on Development calls for early and mid-career researchers based in low-income or middle-income countries to develop original research that can document and analyze policy efforts that address the links between health, environment and economic wellbeing, with a perilous eye to revealing both successes and failures.

Any policy initiative identified must necessarily have direct links to all three areas as research proposals within the Competition’s theme: Unpacking the health-environment economic wellbeing nexus.

The review is scheduled to take place in two phases:

  1. Lot 1 – a first-level review by early-career scholars (less than 10 years of experience)
  2. Lot 2 – a second-level review of experienced researchers (above 10 years of experience) Interested candidates can apply to one lot only, depending on their profiles.
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  • Lot 1 reviewers will be paid USD 40 to review the proposals
  • Lot2 reviewers will be paid USD100
  • Applicants for the first slot must be a researcher with 2-10 years of research experience, a track record of work and publication in the award theme for the current edition
  • For the second slot, he /she must have experience of 10 years or above in research, with a track record of work and publication in the award theme for the current edition
Application Process

Applicants are to provide the following information along with their application form

  • An overview of how their expertise matches the theme and scope of the competition
  • A full CV
  •  An indication to which Lot (1 or 2) they are applying for

All application must be submitted online, through the GDN submission platform

To apply, click here

Deadline: September 4, 2020

For more information visit the official site.

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