Choosing the Right Journal for Your Research

Students and Researchers are constantly writing or doing research. It may be for admission into a graduate research program or to qualify for a faculty position. An important key to getting that admission or bagging the promotion is the presentation of “Research Evidence”.

In academics, there is no better way to prove your research competency than to get published. While getting published is the goal, it is important to submit your manuscript to reputable journals and avoid falling prey to predatory journals. In another article, we would talk about how to identify and avoid predatory journals.

Selection of journal for publication (List)

How do you go about selecting the right journal for publication? Listed below are ten (10) reputable websites and databases where you can find appropriate journals for your well-written manuscript:

  1. Elsevier Journal Finder
  2. Taylor & Francis Journal Suggester
  3. Springer Nature Journal Suggester
  4. Wiley Journal Finder
  5. IEEE Journal Recommender
  6. Sage Journal Selector
  7. Web of Science Master List
  8. EndNote Match
  9. Journal Guide
  10. Publish or Flourish Open Access

How Do You Select the Right Journal: Practical Example

All you need to do is insert the title and/or the paper’s abstract into the relevant sections and search. These finders will generate relevant journals that fit your paper. Here is a practical example using Elsevier Journal Finder. A student is currently looking for a fitting journal for a manuscript titled “Fast-food packaging and environmental degradation“.

Now, what’s the paper about? This paper examines the effect that different fast-food packaging materials have on the physical environment.

In the photos below see how I went about the journal-finding process.

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Step 1: Open the Journal Finder Website

Step 2: Insert the Paper title and abstract

Step 3: Click on “Find Journal” and choose from the recommended journals

As seen from the example above, 49 indexed journals were recommended alongside important information like CiteScore, impact factor and turnaround time. With these, you can decide on a journal without spending so much time on the web or falling prey to predatory journals.

Many times, good research starts from writing a research proposal. Click here to learn how to write an outstanding research proposal.

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  1. This is helpful information for online limited instances where topics are defined by subject area. In some multidisciplinary topics the manuscripts are rejected without clear reasons other than that it’s being rejected by the editorial team for not being within the scope of the journal.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Also, before submission, it is best to go through the journal submission guidelines to confirm if they appreciate multidisciplinary research.

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