Getting Published as an Undergraduate

Self-publishing has become a common norm in the society we find ourselves in. People get their works published for different purposes. I have always imagined my name scribed down on the spines of a beautiful novel whenever I read a lovely story or walk down a book shop and run my hands through the coloured covers of the books on the shelves. Publishing is a dream of every good writer, to see their effort shaped into something so beautiful, polished, and publishable. This article discusses the benefits of getting published as an undergraduate and why should publish.

Publishing is the activity of making information, literature, and other content available to the public. It is the act of creating and distributing printed works, such as books (e-books), magazines, newspapers, articles, journals.

Writing an article, going through peer review, and editing the process can be time-consuming work.  A student may think that, will the extra effort pay off in the end. Moreover, having an article/journal published as an undergraduate tends to have a wide variety of benefits and can present new job opportunities to students involved in the publication process. Here are a few reasons to consider publishing as an undergraduate:

Benefits of Publishing

  • Create a set of new knowledge

Publishing as an undergraduate can help in creating new knowledge in your area of interest. When you add to already existing knowledge, it gives your work the publicity it deserves. It also helps to upgrade the knowledge of others.

  • To inform a future career path

Getting published as an undergraduate may help inform a future career path and illuminate opportunities that may otherwise have not been considered. It can arouse a student’s interest in pursuing publishing or graduate studies as their career path.

  • To connect with professors and researchers
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Publishing in a journal will help connect students to faculty members in a way that is not achievable in a classroom setting. It also helps connect with other professionals and researchers in the field, giving room for new opportunities for collaboration and future study.

  • Improves research and writing skills

As a first-timer, the process of doing research, writing, editing, and publishing, can be very tasking, hence you need all the valuable feedback you can get to help give you an idea on where to improve and know where your strength is. Writing skills are very important and useful for a professional career and graduate studies, therefore developing your writing skill should be your utmost priority.

  • Professionalize the undergraduate experience

Publishing a paper enhances your resume which some undergraduates do not have. It can be use as a writing sample in graduate school applications. It will acquaint the graduate school committee with your earnest step to pursue research interests.

Why should students publish?

Students published work inspires their peers or classmates. Published students authors or artists inspire others to do better in their academics. Student publishing is important because it provides a communication channel, within their peers and researchers within the field.

Where can you publish

There are many academic publishers available to help publish your journal, below you will find a few reputable and world-leading publishers around the globe:

  • Journal of student research
  • Student BMJ
  • Springer link
  • Elsevier

Publishing can be an arduous climb. Be confident in your writing skills and knowledge and know that, though the process might take a while, you will eventually succeed as a student author.

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