Higher Ed Ally: Boost External Funding and Institutional Visibility at African Universities

Higher Ed Ally is inviting educational leaders in Africa to learn more about its groundbreaking capacity-building programs.

Higher Ed Ally is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the efficiency, competitiveness, and awareness of higher education and research institutions, in Africa. It advances the quality, competitiveness, and visibility of partner institutions through its proprietary program areas and scholar alliance of professors, scientists, engineers, and other industry professionals.

However, many higher education institutions are plagued by low study and publication performance, inadequate student education, research, and training, and low institutional recognition, all of which contribute to a poor non-existent ranking.

The growth of higher education institutions in developed countries is hampered by a number of factors such as :

  • weak external funding initiatives, which restrict faculty research efficiency and institutional growth;
  • poor research and research publication quality, which reduces institutional visibility; and
  • a shortage of high-impact academic programs to keep up with the rapidly changing environment are just a few of these causes.

Higher Ed Ally’s creative capability improvement projects have proprietary solutions to these problems. Their first program area focuses on:

  • Assisting Institutions Pursue External Funding Opportunities and Multi-Institutional Partnerships.
  • Assists partner institutions in increasing external funding, research efficiency, and collaborations.
  • Boosting Research and Scientific Publication Production and Institutional Visibility that helps partner institutions improve research and scientific publication output and thereby, enhance institutional visibility.
  • Higher Ed Ally promotes research opportunities, international partnerships, external support, new program addition, scholarly publications, and overall institutional exposure.

The Higher Ed Ally institutional research funding and academic opportunity are open to scholars, scientists, engineers, and other industry professionals.

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