How do Introduction and Abstract differ in Academic Writing

Understanding the difference between an abstract and an introduction is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind when writing a thesis. They are, after all, the first section of your argument that readers will read.

Abstract Vs Introduction

An abstract is a succinct overview of a research article, thesis, review, or any in-depth investigation of a certain subject and is use to help the reader immediately determine the paper’s aim.

An introduction on the other hand is a guide that moves the reader’s focus from a broad subject area to a particular area of investigation.

While the introduction provides a more thorough explanation of your thesis, the abstract is a concise summary of it.

Note: Make sure you understand how these two sections differ from one another and that you are writing each one appropriately.

Major differences between an Abstract and an Introduction


An abstract should only be one paragraph long and provide the reader with a quick summary of your thesis.

Note: Keep your abstract under 250 words

Contrarily, the introduction should be approximately 3-5 paragraphs long and must provide the reader with a thorough summary of your topic.


Any personal ideas or analyses should not be in an abstract. An abstract is meant to outline your argument, not to offer your own interpretation.

An introduction should focus on affirming the subject, and importance of the research by giving a summary of the background. The study’s goal should also be stated in the introduction, along with a brief description of the research methodology used to examine the issue.

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Make sure your abstract is intriguing and compelling because it will serve as a teaser for your thesis. The sentences must be concise and direct. Additionally, you should refrain from employing the use of complex words.

Similarly, an introduction, which is the initial section of your thesis, should be crystal clear, succinct, and well-written. Spend the time necessary to compose it effectively and make sure it is orderly. You might wish to speak with your supervisor, if you are having trouble coming up with a strong introduction.

Note: You must be brief and straightforward while writing an abstract or introduction if you want it to be effective.


An abstract is made up of the following components the purpose, problem, methods used, result, and conclusion.

Alternatively, the introduction must contain an overview of the research topic, prior research, a rational for your paper, and thesis statement .

Note: If your writing doesn’t include any or all of the aforementioned components there’s bound to be a problem.

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