How to be Successful in Grad School: Planning and Organization Hack

The Internet is teeming with both practical and hilarious hack to make life as a college student easier and more enjoyable. You need to develop your own system and strategies for staying prepared and methodically making your way through school. Here are some hacks that can help:

Visualize what you want to achieve

Starting each day, week, month, and year with a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish helps you move in the right direction — especially when things get stressful.

Make a vision board

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals, aspirations, and dreams. It’s a tool that helps you clarify your objectives and maintain focus on what you want to achieve. Seeing your biggest goals on a vision board can help you stay inspired and motivated.

Always read the syllabus

Reading the syllabus helps you know what to expect for assignments, exam dates, presentations, and attendance requirements in each class. If you know what’s coming, you can plan for it.

Take advantage of great mobile apps

Some of the best apps for college students are designed to help you keep track of things like grades, class assignments, due dates, and more. Two examples are MyHomework App and iStudiez Pro.

Utilize your phone’s lock screen

For example, set it up each morning to display an image of your checklist or schedule of classes and activities. This hack is very essential.

Place physical reminders of what you need to do wherever you’re likely to look

Post-it notes or magnetic notepads are great for this. You could place them on your wall, wardrobe or anywhere that is very visible in your room.

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Allocate a dedicated study area separate from your bedroom or dormitory

Plan to always study away from where you sleep so that you train your brain not to associate studying with resting. The library is a good option.

Assemble a specialized bag for your study materials

Keeping your study supplies in one backpack means you’re always prepared to grab your pack and go to a favorite study group or location.

Begin with your utmost critical task

Prioritizing larger tasks initially boosts your confidence when you subsequently review your daily checklist, and it acts as a deterrent against procrastination.

Direct your attention to one or a few small parts at a time

This technique is especially beneficial for self-paced online courses. Feeling overwhelmed by an entire course can diminish productivity. Instead, divide each course into manageable, smaller segments.

Perform a weekly cleaning and organization of both your room and backpack

Clearing away mess and clutter can reduce stress and help you avoid overlooking important tasks.

Begin your job search early

The best time to start researching potential employers is while you’re still in school. Act as if you’re looking for work in your field as you move through your studies.

Enlist a partner for accountability

Occasionally, having an accountability partner is essential to maintaining discipline and adhering to your plan.

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