How to cope with Stressors as an International Students

Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Stress causes a lot of damage to the mental well-being of international students, however making them sluggish in their studies. This article will discuss how to deal with stressors as an international student.

What are stressors?

Stressors are psychological events that students tend to see as demanding, challenging and threatening to their safety. They can affect mental function, performance and individual behaviour. Stressors can be classified into three: environmental, social and individual. According to Merriam -Webster, a stressor is a stimulus that causes stress.

Factors that cause stress on International Students

  • Stressors may occur when an International student is unable to cope with their new environment in terms of culture and norms. It is often difficult to adjust to a new environment especially when the culture and norms of your country of origin are quite easy to adopt.
  • Another factor can be bill. unpaid tuition fees and sundry expenses can destabilize one’s mental health hence, students struggle to work and keep up with school at the same time. As an international student, it is important to identify the things that stress you and know how to avoid them.
  • Having learning disabilities, a student who has learning disabilities should involve themselves in some other school recreational activities: such as painting, and cycling, that can help distract them from stress and keep their mental health refreshed and reserved.

How to cope with stressors

Every individual has a unique way of dealing with stress, what could cause stress for others may differ from another. Stress is a part of life, it can either help us learn and grow or cause serious problems. Prolonged, unexpected or uninterrupted and unmanageable stress can be very damaging to one’s mental health.

  • International students who work and school at the same time should stick to the twenty hours per week job requirement. This will enable them to focus on their studies.
  • When faced with school challenges, students should do well to seek help from other experienced international students. They can also meet their tutor to guide them through this rough part.
  • Students should endeavor to have plans of payment (tuition fee) this is one thing that can destabilize one’s mental health.
  • They should be open-minded and ready to adapt to their new milieu, having a registered way of learning will make it difficult for them to get acclimatized to their new learning environment.
  • Keep your support system strong. Learn to keep in touch with your family, friends, and the people that know and understand your background through calls, chats and video conferencing.
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Stressors can be managed when each individual understands their coping mechanism and strategies that work for them. Stress is unavoidable because almost everything we do involves work, it could be mental stress, physical stress and emotional stress. For international students, coping with stress can be quite enormous because they have their studies to focus on and also work to help them pay their bills. Speaking to someone or their tutor and telling them how they feel when under stress can help them cope with the new learning environment.

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