How To Get A Health Insurance plan for International Students.

Having good and stable health is one basic criterion for excelling in your academic path as a student. Poor health can pose unexpected challenges, especially at the peak of an academic session or year. Due to life uncertainties, no one plans to get hurt or even fall sick, but at some point, most students need medical care due to complications of different diets, sudden illness or injury, or even accidents, these are challenges that one can cater for with a good health insurance plan. Studying abroad can bring rewarding and insightful experiences such as learning valuable knowledge, meeting new friends, and exploring exciting places.  However, this article will focus on the need for students to get relief when it comes to medical expenses.

Health insurance is a broader medical cover that defrays the cost that arises due to an illness beginning from the diagnosis of the illness. It pays for your hospitalization costs, medicine, and doctor’s consultation fee. Many people acknowledge that getting insurance is a necessity today, particularly when travelling abroad for a long period. Getting insurance gives you the ability to pay for your medical expenses.

Who needs a health insurance plan?

Everyone needs a shield to help them offset the cost of minor or major medical issues such as life-threatening illnesses, surgeries, and hospitalization costs. Moreover, not everyone can afford it thus the need for an insurance plan. First-world countries like Canada provide health insurance to their citizens through the federal government under its fiscal powers-it transfers cash and tax points to the provinces to help cover the costs of the universal health insurance programs. Health care is mainly a provincial government responsibility, but when you find yourself in countries where the government do not consider the lives of their citizenry, you must make sure to get yourself fit (in terms of funds) for any medical challenge.

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Why do you need It?

As an international student, living in a foreign land can be quite expensive, especially for students coming in with an F1 visa who often depend on scholarships or loans to finance their studies. The F1 visa is a student visa that is given to international students who want to attend educational institutions in the United States. Getting ill or being involved in an accident in a foreign land is something a student cannot afford. Being worried about how to pay the bill is the last thing a student would like to get involved in. this is one reason International students need a health insurance plan. Having health insurance can keep you from incurring medical bills you can’t afford to pay out of pocket. It protects students from unexpected high medical costs and also has lots of benefits.

First of all, let’s find out sources of health insurance for international students.

Sources of health insurance for international students

Most importantly, students should remember that health insurance policies differ from country to country. Take for example Canada, while Canada is known for its free Canadian health care, the majority of these services are only available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Hence, all international students attending school in Canada must arrange for health insurance for the duration of their study program. Also, note that Canada’s health care system varies from province to province. International students who are planning to study in the country should familiarize themselves with the Canadian health care offered by their province of study. Below are sources you should look out for when seeking to apply for a health insurance plan:

  • Your Institution
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When applying for health insurance options, first consult the regulation of the institution where you register, to make sure they have any specific requirements. Most institutions implement these health plans in your tuition fee while others offer health insurance packages to international students. You should find out from your institution before you apply with a private insurance company to avoid incurring extra costs.

  • Private insurance companies

Private insurance firms provide the right mix of plans, benefits, and coverage to keep one safe and healthy as an international student. International students residing in the USA can contact these private insurance companies:

*   Student Health Advantage. Offers COVID-19 coverage.

*   Exchange Guard Offers COVID-19 coverage.

*    Study USA. Offers COVID-19 coverage.

*    Navigator Student. No COVID-19 coverage.

*    Patriot America. No COVID-19 coverage.

Factors to consider when choosing a student health insurance

The following are factors that determine the cost of an individual international student health insurance plan:

  • policy maximum
  • Policy deductible
  • University requirement
  • Age of the student

Age is a primary factor in the price. Insurance companies usually charge different amounts for different age groups, the older your age the higher the price.

  • Coverage required

Health insurance plans range from basic and budget-friendly, to robust and complete with maternity coverage. Students can choose the level of coverage they desire and balance that with the cost they are willing to incur.

  • Length of Coverage

The monthly payment in connection with health insurance for international students in terms of price increases proportionally to the number of months of coverage purchased.

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To conclude, health insurance provides financial protection against unexpected expenses and ensures timely access to medical care abroad, it gives one a sigh of relief and enables him/her to enjoy their study while in a foreign land.


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