How to Multitask Effectively as a College Student

During your college years, mastering multitasking becomes a valuable skill. Many students not only handle academic responsibilities but also juggle part-time jobs, pursue passion projects, engage in hobbies, prioritize mental health, and more. The college environment necessitates effective time management, deeming time a precious resource. Balancing numerous tasks proves undeniably challenging, given the perpetual abundance of things to do. While attempting to conquer your ever-expanding to-do list through multitasking, it’s crucial to approach it intelligently. Instead of seeking assistance for tasks like essay writing, strategically and intentionally multitask to maximize your time in school.

Embrace the Use of Machine

If you’re studying in your room and have laundry to do, plan a specific block of time for both – multitask. The crucial part is “pre-scheduled.” Allocate, let’s say, 3 hours to make progress on your paper or reading while also tackling 2 or 3 loads of laundry. Create a schedule, where you read or write for 45 minutes, then switch to cycling the laundry, and repeat. Stick to your plan—no Instagram breaks, no 20-minute chats in the hall. Your multitasking should focus solely on these two tasks, and that’s it.

Exercise while doing something Academic

To energize your mind and body simultaneously, synchronize activities. Listen to a podcast while jogging or watch a short film during a stationary bike session. Take a walk while pondering your upcoming paper’s thesis. Play tennis with a friend, quizzing each other for your O-Chem midterm. Afterward, you’ll feel both fantastic and accomplished.

Socialiaze and Learn in the process

You’re definitely not the only one swamped with work. Team up with friends who study well with you and allocate a specific time block to keep each other focused. For instance, gather on Tuesday at 4:00. Set up your workstations in a room, a common area, a coffee shop, or a reserved library space. Commit not to interrupt and support each other for about 90 minutes. At 5:30, take a break for a enjoyable dinner together (maybe pizza or campus dining hall). Then, return to work as a group for another 90 minutes. You’ll have a fun evening with friends while knocking out 3 hours of homework.

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Make a List of 5-Minutes-or-Fewer Tasks You Need to Get Done

Got to refill prescriptions or schedule a haircut? Need to call your supervisor or request transcripts? Sometimes, short tasks occupy a big chunk of your thoughts. So, jot down anything doable in under 5 minutes. When you find free time, tackle the list. Arrived a bit early to class? Perfect! Make that pharmacy call. Taking a break from the language lab? Great! Take a quick walk and schedule a haircut. Use your spare moments to be productive. Your multitasking will significantly shrink your to-do list without feeling like it’s taking extra time.

Embrace Delegation of Tasks

Wondering which tasks can be done together? Form a study group and assign each member a chapter to read, break down, and explain for an upcoming exam. That’s multitasking – as you focus on one topic, your study buddies are prepping on additional chapters. Consider delegating too. If, for instance, you struggle with proofreading but excel at checking computer programs, trade tasks with a friend. He proofreads your paper, and you assist with his comp sci homework. Your essay gets proofed, and you’re also helping someone else—a multitasking win-win for all.

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