How to use AI effectively for PhD Research

Dear PhD Students,

Do you REALLY trust AI to handle your research?

I am not against AI.

I use AI too!

As unconventional as this may sound, I only trust myself and my ideas when it comes to reading, understanding and applying the literature to my research context.

So here’s how I use AI

  • I actually read the paper (without AI)
  • Note points relevant to my topic (Yes, I make highlights and comments in the texts, write in a research journal etc)
  • Write out my true thoughts about what I have read in connection to my topic.
  • Ask AI to “copy edit what I have written without taking off my idea and any specifics
  • Sieve through AI’s output, and pick sentences or phrases that articulate my ideas better

No, I don’t just copy paste the output, it’s always “beautifully generic”. As I mentioned already, I love AI, I know its capabilities. I simply don’t trust it enough to relegate my research reading and writing. Maybe that’s because I’m not just doing a PhD for the sake of submitting a substantial piece of work.

I’m on an academic mission to amplify the authentic voices of African scholarship in global Marketing research.

Unfortunately, these unique voices are not found in AI. Of course, I am aware I can 10x my productivity with AI tools. I simply don’t believe I can 10x the ORIGINALITY and QUALITY of my academic productivity with AI.

Maybe I am wrong? or maybe not?

Still thinking.

Scholarly love ❤

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