Postdoc: Combination of Targeted Radionuclide Treatment with Other Anti-Cancer Strategies

The Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine of the Erasmus MC calls for applications for Postdoc: Combination of Targeted Radionuclide Treatment with Other Anti-Cancer Strategies.

Targeted radionuclide imaging and therapy (radionuclide theranostics) are methods successfully applied in the clinic for imaging and treatment of various cancer types. Radiotracers directed against a specific biomarker overexpressed on cancer cells are applied for the precise delivery of radioactivity to biomarker-expressing cancer cells for either diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. 

One of the aims of the postdoc project is to study the potential of combining targeted radionuclide treatment with other anti-cancer strategies to improve treatment outcomes. In addition, the project will aim at identifying new targets, including targets expressed by cells in the tumor microenvironment, for the development of novel radionuclide theranostic strategies, the latter in collaboration with the radiochemistry group of our department.

The postdoc will involve setting up, designing, and executing relevant studies. This will include both in vitro cell and tissue assays, in vivo experimentation in cancer mouse models, and histological examination of tumor tissue.

Duration: 14 months


The gross monthly salary amounts to a maximum of € 4.707, depending on the applicant’s level of education and relevant experience and based on a full-time working week.

 Job Requirements

  • Candidates with a PhD degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. Molecular biology, Nuclear Medicine, Biomedical Science, Immunology).
  • Have outstanding theoretical and experimental research skills, in addition to a solid background in Biology.
  • Have experience with the design and execution of animal studies.
  • Experience with radiolabeling, radionuclide imaging, and therapy will be considered an advantage.
  • The successful candidate will have strong English skills (both written and oral).
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Application Process

All applications should include:

  • application/motivation letter, emphasizing specific interest and motivation, and
  • a detailed CV.

To apply for Postdoc: Combination of Targeted Radionuclide Treatment with Other Anti-Cancer Strategies, click here.

Application Deadline: April 29, 2022.

For more information, visit the official site.

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