Postdoc Design and Integration in the Research Program Synergia (Full-Time)

Wageningen University invites applications from enthusiastic post-doc researchers who want to be part of the design and integration multidisciplinary Synergia team of 5 Dutch universities working towards the next-generation agricultural production systems that are sustainable, circular, and regenerative.

The aim of this postdoc position is to explore and design future visions for the agricultural production systems in the three use-cases of the program.

The Synergia program is a crossover program funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Synergia contributes to the UN Sustainability Development Goals for the environment (depletion of scarce resources, global warming, acidification, eutrophication, nutrient losses, and biodiversity loss), labor (availability of skilled workers), and society (consumer/societal acceptance of novel technology and production methods). Synergia goes beyond current precision agriculture (PA) and precision livestock farming (PLF) and is developing the new concept of ‘Technology-4-Ecology-based farming’ (T4E).

The partners in this program are Wageningen University & Research, University of Twente, Eindhoven University of Technology, Technical University Delft, Radboud University, Top Institute Food and Nutrition (TiFN), and a broad range of private-sector partners. Next to the 26 full-time researchers, over 30 experienced researchers will contribute to the program. The program consists of 5 work packages that are connected to three use-cases in different agricultural domains: greenhouse horticulture, dairy, and arable farming.

  • The work of the postdoc entails the conceptual design and exploration of future farming systems for the three use-cases in the Synergia research program.
  • Develop and apply the Reflexive Interactive Design (RIO) approach, build upon the T4E approach, and integrate current and future technologies.
  • Part of the design process is to provide ‘hooks’ in both the process and the resulting design to stimulate the practical uptake (building on the concept of ‘anchoring’) of the new farming systems.
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  • competitive salary from a minimum of € 3.353 to a maximum of € 4.402;
  • Close cooperation with internationally renowned researchers with an innovation study and STS background;
  • Wider collaboration within the inter-disciplinary project Synergia, with the participation of various chair groups of 5 top universities in the Netherlands and leading international industrial partners;
  • A good academic working atmosphere and an inspiring university campus;
  • A professional and personal development program.


  • excellent pension plan through ABP;
  • a structural year-end bonus of
  • holiday allowance;
  • a flexible working time.
Job Requirements

Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Hold an MSc and a Ph.D. degree in a combination of disciplines in design and engineering/technology.
  • Knowledge and experience with a systems approach or systems thinking.
  • Experience with stakeholder engagement in design and development processes and cooperation with other scientific disciplines.
  • Affinity with agricultural or biological systems, and genuine interest in the sustainability challenges in this domain.
  • Proven scientific ambition, proven performance in scientific publishing, and a strong ambition to publish future work.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Wageningen encourages female researchers to apply.
Application Process

For detailed information on how to apply, click here

Application Deadline: January 31, 2021.

For more information visit the official site.

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