Postdoc on In-band Network-wide Telemetry in 6G Networks

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) invites applications for Postdoc positions on In-band Network-wide Telemetry in 6G Networks.

Deep network programmability, that is the ability to program the network fabric both vertically (control and data plane) and horizontally (end to end), is expected to characterize the new generation of mobile networks (6G) toward supporting extreme performance requirements and service-specific operations. To this end, enriching next-generation mobile networks with data plane programming capabilities can bring significant benefits to network monitoring and telemetry analysis. In-band network telemetry (INT) can help correlate observed application/network performance degradation with network bottlenecks, short-lived congestion events, routing misconfigurations, or highly utilized network nodes and links.

The objective of the post-doc appointment is to investigate in-band network telemetry (INT) solutions for evolving 6G systems with attention to 6G-optical integration. In this context, INT should support the collection of accurate end-to-end network state and QoS/QoE parameters, to support (proactive) network adaptation and near real-time control.  Thus, new approaches and technologies will be developed and demonstrated for collecting, intelligently aggregating (e.g., using including autoencoders and other ML-based techniques) and processing monitoring information originated by user equipment and terminals, programmable HW-accelerated network elements, edge computing resources, and applications. Envisioned solutions should provide high monitoring accuracy along with low and fixed transmission overhead and ensure scalability/performance.


The successful candidate for the Postdoc on In-band Network-wide Telemetry in 6G Networks will perform the following function:

  • focus on the development of a data-plane telemetry system for pervasive monitoring and intelligent data aggregation for 6G systems;
  • benchmark the performance or validate the applicability of proposed approaches;
  • jointly work in the FABRIC research community on large-scale demonstrators;
  • investigate synergies with the BRIDGES and the SLICES-RI initiatives;
  • become active in the DESIRE6G research community and collaborate with other institutes and/or companies that are part of the project;
  • publish and present work regularly at international conferences, workshops, and journals;
  • support relevant educational activities and provide graduation opportunities to bachelor and master students on topics related to the research.
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  • The gross monthly salary, based on 38 hours per week and dependent on relevant experience, ranges between € 2,960 to € 4,670 (scale 10).

Besides the salary and a vibrant and challenging environment at Science Park, they offer multiple fringe benefits:

  • 232 holiday hours per year (based on full-time) and extra holidays between Christmas and 1 January;
  • Multiple courses to follow from our Teaching and Learning Centre;
  • Multiple courses on topics such as leadership for academic staff;
  • 7 weeks birth leave (partner leave) with 100% salary;
  • Partly paid parental leave;
  • Multiple courses on topics such as time management, and handling stress and an online learning platform with 100+ different courses;
  • The possibility to set up a workplace at home;
  • A pension at ABP for which UvA pays two third part of the contribution;
  • The possibility to follow courses to learn Dutch;
  • Help with housing for a studio or small apartment when you’re moving from abroad.

Job Requirements

The Postdoc on In-band Network-wide Telemetry in 6G Networks seeks applicants with the following qualifications:

  • A PhD in a relevant discipline, such as computer science, electrical, and computer engineering;
  • Excellent programming skills (python, C/C++);
  • Prior experience in programmable networking technologies and DSLs such as eBPF and P4;
  • Knowledge of mobile network architectures and protocols;
  • The willingness to be part of an international research team;
  • The ability to travel to and visit conferences in North America;
  • Fluency in oral and written English and good presentation skills;
  • Commitment to maintaining an inclusive, collaborative, diverse, supportive work environment;
  • Prior experience in graduation project supervision.
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Application Process

Applications should include the following information (all files besides your CV should be submitted in one single pdf file):

  • A detailed CV including the months (not just years) when referring to their education and work experience;
  • A letter of motivation;
  • A list of publications;
  • The names, affiliations, and email addresses of two academic referees who can provide details about their academic profile in relation to this position.

Deadline: April 30, 2023.

For more information on the Postdoc on In-band Network-wide Telemetry in 6G Networks, visit the official site.

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