Postdoc position in ‘Confined Multiphase Multicomponent Evaporation’

Wageningen University & Research has a vacancy for a Postdoc position in ‘Confined Multiphase Multicomponent Evaporation’.

Evaporation in a multiphase multicomponent system is ubiquitous in several biological and industrial processes and leads to a multitude of interesting phenomena such as segregation and phase separation. When confined (e.g., in a capillary), such systems exhibit even richer physics such as stratification, clogging, compaction, and crystallization. The properties of the liquids present in the evaporating multicomponent liquid mixture play a critical role in determining the overall evaporation dynamics, which can be further complicated by the presence of salts, surfactants, particles (passive and active), polymers, fibers, and motile cells. However, several unanswered/open questions remain concerning the precise dynamics of evaporation in confined multiphase multicomponent systems.


The successful candidate will perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Design and perform experiments on the evaporation of confined multicomponent liquids;
  • Discuss and disseminate results among peers, the scientific community, and the broader society in general;
  • Collaborate with colleagues having complementary expertise;
  • Supervise bachelor, master, and PhD students;
  • Play an active role in writing personal grants (Veni, MSCA IF, Humboldt) and/or collaborative grants. 


The Postdoc position in ‘Confined Multiphase Multicomponent Evaporation’ offers;

  • a competitive gross salary of between €2960,- and €4670,
  • sabbatical leave, study leave, and partially paid parental leave;
  • working hours that can be discussed and arranged so that they allow for the best possible work-life balance;
  • the option to accrue additional compensation / holiday hours by working more, up to 40 hours per week;
  • there is a strong focus on vitality and you can make use of the sports facilities available on campus for a small fee;
  • a fixed December bonus of 8.3%;
  • excellent pension scheme.
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Job Requirements

The Postdoc position in ‘Confined Multiphase Multicomponent Evaporation’ meet the following qualifications to apply:

  • a successfully completed PhD (or equivalent) degree in (applied) physics, molecular life sciences, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, applied mathematics, or a closely related discipline;
  • experimental experience, fundamental knowledge of fluid dynamics, and experience in image and data analysis are required;
  • have strong communication skills, including fluency in spoken and written (scientific and non-scientific) English;
  • have strong analytical capabilities;
  • are proactive in coming up with innovative solutions to experimental challenges.  

Application Process

Interested applicants are welcome to apply for the Postdoc position in ‘Confined Multiphase Multicomponent Evaporation’ with the following documents.

  • A detailed CV
  • A letter of motivation.

To apply for the Postdoc position in ‘Confined Multiphase Multicomponent Evaporation’click here.

Deadline: May 31, 2023.

For more information on the Postdoc position in ‘Confined Multiphase Multicomponent Evaporation’, visit the official site.

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