Postdoc Position on Light Sheet Microscopy of Neuron Development

A Postdoctoral Researcher position is available in the Carroll Lab in the Department of Imaging Physics for a Position on Light Sheet Microscopy of Neuron Development.

The Carroll lab works at the interface of optical physics and neuroscience, developing instrumentation for high-resolution light sheet microscopy and optogenetics.  In this project, they investigate mechanisms of axon guidance and synapse formation in the larval zebrafish model.

During neuron development, immature synapses undergo plasticity and weaker synapses are designated for pruning. They will use optogenetics to manipulate and direct synaptic plasticity towards specific outcomes.  Intravital fluorescence imaging experiments will focus on imaging axon growth and calcium dynamics. Subsequently, samples will be prepared for nanoscopic analysis by volume electron microscopy.  

The researcher will coordinate efforts with specialists in Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy and Data Science through public-private partnerships with ThermoFisher Scientific, Delmic, Technolution, University Medical Center Groningen, and TU Delft


The Postdoc Position on Light Sheet Microscopy of Neuron Development offers:

  • The TU Delft offers a customizable compensation package, a discount for health insurance and sports memberships, and a monthly work costs contribution.
  • An International Children’s Centre offers child care and an international primary school.
  • Dual Career Services offers support to accompanying partners. 

Job Requirements

To be eligible for the Postdoc Position on Light Sheet Microscopy of Neuron Development;

  • the successful candidate will have recently completed a PhD in physics or related quantitative discipline, and have significant experimental experience with optical instrumentation, fluorescence imaging, and image analysis.
  • having experience with biological samples is highly desirable.
  • programming skills in Matlab or python are necessary.
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Application Process

Interested applicants are welcome to apply, however, all applications should include

  • A detailed CV
  • A cover letter and
  • A list of at least 2 references. 

To apply for the Postdoc Position on Light Sheet Microscopy of Neuron Development, click here.

Application Deadline: October 15, 2022.

For more information, visit the official site.

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