Postdoc position on Low-power Embedded Smart Multi-Sensor Platform

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science invites applications for a Postdoc position on a Low-power embedded smart multi-sensor platform at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

Future autonomous always-on smart Edge-IoT nodes must be able to sense a wide variety of stimuli from their environment, interpret the data, and trigger appropriate responses while surviving on a minimal energy budget. Connecting ever more discrete sensors to a microcontroller-based read-out circuit on a PCB is not sustainable in the long term, because it increases complexity, size, power consumption, and the bill of materials of the system. Instead, we need a generic scalable, integrated, manufacturable, and cost-effective approach for simultaneously sensing a multitude of parameters like humidity, gases, odors, motion, air pressure, and infrared light.


The main task will be to realize this paradigm-shifting multi-sensing concept. This work is highly multi-disciplinary, including

  • Integrating transduction materials on test chips currently under development using additive manufacturing
  • Developing algorithms for calibrating and interpreting the sensor signals
  • Building, testing and demonstrating convincing prototypes
  • Collaborating with other academic and industrial researchers
  • Publishing results in high-impact journals.


  • A gross monthly salary within the range of € 2.836,00 – € 4.474,00
  • A pension scheme and partially paid parental leave.
  • Family-friendly initiatives such as an international spouse program, and excellent on-campus children day care and sports facilities.
  • A broad package of fringe benefits (including an excellent technical infrastructure, moving expenses, and savings schemes).

Job Requirements

Application to the Low-power Embedded Smart Multi-Sensor Platform postdoc position requires the following:

  • PhD degree in Electronics or Physics.
  • Team player with strong competences in electronics, microfabrication, material science, and system integration.
  • Experience with signal processing and machine learning is preferred.
  • Good communication skills are mandatory.
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Application Process

The application should include:

  • A detailed CV
  • A letter of motivation.
  • Contact information for 2 references.
  • A (draft) version of applicants PhD thesis
  • A list of his/her publications 

To apply for the Postdoc position on the Low-power Embedded Smart Multi-Sensor Platform, click here.

Application Deadline: November 30, 2021

For more information about the Postdoc position on the Low-power Embedded Smart Multi-Sensor Platform, visit the official site.