Postdoc Position on Statistical Analyses of Long-Term Phytoplankton Dynamics

The Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Study (Royal NIOZdepartment )’s of Coastal Systems (COS) is looking for a highly enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher to join the phytoplankton ecology research.

They are looking for someone with experience in marine ecology and statistical analysis of long-term biological and environmental field data. This post-doc position will build on the knowledge and data gathered on the phytoplankton community across almost 50 years of weekly to bi-monthly field sampling. The sampling station is located at the westernmost tidal inlet connecting the offshore North Sea to the inter-and sub-tidal the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO world heritage site renowned for being the most extensive intertidal mudflat system in the world. Since the start of the time series in the mid-1970s, phytoplankton in the Marsdiep tidal inlet has shown strong changes in biomass, productivity, and species composition.


The tasks for this position include:

  • Examination of thresholds and tipping points in long-term ecological time series and identification of causal drivers;
  • Understanding of observed changes in species composition of phytoplankton based on mechanistic (physiological-based) understanding of responses to key abiotic drivers (e.g. temperature, salinity, light, nutrients);
  • Assessment of match-mismatch dynamics and changes in trophic transfer in relation to phenological shifts in phytoplankton and pelagic bivalve larvae;
  • Determination if observed changes in phytoplankton biomass, productivity and species composition has affected the carrying capacity for common benthic grazers such as cockles, mussels, oysters and razor clams.

Location: Royal NIOZ COS is located on the beautiful island of Texel in the World Heritage Wadden Sea.

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Duration: 15 Months


  • flexible work arrangements and 42 days of holiday leave
  • a holiday allowance of 8% and a year-end bonus of 8,3% of the gross annual salary,
  • They offer generous relocation expenses for employees coming from abroad and support with finding accommodation.

Job Requirements

Below are some features that make the ideal candidate for this Post-doctoral research position:

  • A PhD in ecology, marine science or a closely related discipline.
  • Knowledge of and/or some demonstrated experience in statistical analyses of long-term and seasonal time series data such as Generalized Additive Models, threshold GAMS, Wavelet analysis and other techniques.
  • An intense yet broad curiosity on how coastal food webs function including trophodynamics and biogeochemistry.
  • Knowledge on marine phytoplankton ecology including taxonomy, identification and/or quantification.
  • Scientific performance is demonstrated in peer-reviewed publications.
  • A team player, well organized, ambitious, and have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Application Process

All applications for the Postdoc Position on Statistical Analyses of Long-Term Phytoplankton Dynamics should include:

  • CV or Resume
  • A cover later
  • Personal information

To apply for the Postdoc Position on Statistical Analyses of Long-Term Phytoplankton Dynamics, click here.

Application Deadline: May 09, 2022.

For more information, visit the official site.

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