Postdoc Position on the Future of Remote Work Through Robots

The faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) University of Twente invite applications for a Postdoc Position on the Future of Remote Work Through Robots.

With the introduction of collaborative robots and robot-mediated work, the way people work is changing. While these types of robots have the potential to address many societal issues, there is the risk of making work unattractive to people or of excluding certain groups of people from work. In this post-doc position, the candidate will address this topic by investigating how robotic systems and the operations thereof can be designed to support worker well-being and find meaning in work.

The research will be within two use cases. First, a logical robot that aids in the process of analysing test samples within a hospital. Additionally, the work of those workers will change to overseeing the robots and teaching them new skills in the face of changes in the workflow or test samples. The second use case relates to autonomous greenhouses, where the environment is optimized for plant growth. 


For the Postdoc Position on the Future of Remote Work Through Robots, candidate will be responsible for:

  • Developing creative prototypes for the (remote) operation of robotic systems.
  • Running user studies to evaluate these systems and their impact on the current workforce.
  • Collaborating within two consortia of universities, institutions, and companies.
  • The timely writing of project deliverables and research publications.

Duration: 2 years


  • Gross salary between € 3.557,- and €4.670,- per month depending on experience and qualifications;
  • Excellent benefits including a holiday allowance of 8% of the gross annual salary, a year-end bonus of 8.3% and a solid pension scheme;
  • The flexibility to partially work from home;
  • Free access to sports facilities on campus;
  • Excellent support for research and facilities for professional and personal development.
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Job Requirements

The Postdoc Position on the Future of Remote Work Through Robots seek applicants who:

  • have, or will shortly acquire, a PhD degree in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, Creative Technology, Design, Communication, Social sciences, or a closely related field. 
  • have experience with creative prototyping.
  • are an expert in human-robot interaction and published in this field in peer-reviewed conferences or journals.
  • are a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and self-driven researcher.
  • have good team spirit, excellent communication and social skills, and like to work in an internationally oriented environment where many cultures meet.
  • Fluency in English is required to present their work at conferences and project meetings. 
  • As a post-doc they are keen to take on responsibility and are capable of planning and executing their work individually.

Application Process

Interested applicants are to send their application via the apply button below and include the following:

  • A motivation letter, emphasizing their specific interest and motivation to apply for this post-doc position.
  • A detailed CV (resume).
  • Contact details of at least 2 referees.
  • A half-page summary of their PhD research.

To apply for Postdoc Position on the Future of Remote Work Through Robotsclick here.

Deadline: March 31, 2023.

For more information on Postdoc Position on the Future of Remote Work Through Robots, visit the official site.

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