Postdoc Researcher, Technology Induced Business Modelling and Impact (Germany) 2021

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Wageningen University & Research, Germany seeks qualified Postdoctoral Researchers to contribute to the successful introduction of processing technology in fruit and vegetables (F&V).

SHEALTHY, an H2020 project, encompasses the introduction of non-thermal physical technologies to preServe HEALTHiness of fresh and minimally processed fruit and vegetables in SMEs.

From May 2019 until end of April 2023 SHEALTHY aims to assess and develop non-thermal processing technologies and by means of business models to integrate these technologies in F&V SMEs and bring the technologies to value. This ambition will be realized by:

  • designing and testing of business models (BMs) during pilots of technology introduction in F&V SMEs;
  • assessing the impact of the technologies on health and safety of consumers and sustainability of F&V SMEs;
  • dissemination of results of research via scientific channels and in the F&V sector.
Location: Germany

BMO is responsible for insights into technology assimilation and fitting business models tailored to SMEs, and the design and testing of BMs including logistic, market, management and organization information.

Shealthy reports on technology assimilation and BMs of food SMEs are readily available.
The tasks for successful applicants will be:

  • to develop further business models in real-life pilots in F&V SMEs;
  • collaborating on this business model innovation trajectory with the WP3 partners and the involved technology developer partners;
  • reporting on this design process;
  • designing and implementing a Societal Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) on the impact of introduced processing technologies on consumers’ health and safety and sustainability;
  • reporting on this SLCA.
  • A gross monthly salary of  €2.790-€4.40
  • excellent training opportunities and secondary employment conditions
  • Holiday and end-of-year annual supplements.
  • excellent pension plan through ABP
 Job Requirements

Candidate should meet the following requirements:

  • Have a PhD degree in business studies, organisation studies, innovation management or economics
  • understands technology adoption within a small and medium-sized) business context
  • Have experience in working in international and multidisciplinary projects
  • Show a keen interest in organisation, sustainability, innovation, food supply chains (FSCs), collaboration, business models, ecosystem research and societal impact combined technology – business processes
  • excellent English language proficiency
  • knowledge and experience with design-oriented research methods in a technology-driven context.
Application Process
  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae,
  • A cover letter explaining their motivation, background and qualifications for the position,

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Application Deadline: October 5, 2020

For more information and application, visit the official site.