Postdoctoral Position: Developing Revolutionary Tomography for Imaging Molecules in Vivo at TU Delft

Faculty of Applied Sciences call for applications for a postdoc position on Developing Revolutionary Tomography for Imaging Molecules in Vivo at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

The Ph.D. will be part of a project that aims at developing a novel PET-SPECT scanner that

  • enables improved quantitative tomography for virtually any available gamma, positron or co-emitting tracer molecule (30 keV – 1 MeV energy range),
  • allows quantitative imaging of many new tracer combinations including multiple PET isotopes, and
  • has an order of magnitude higher effective sensitivity for high-energy gamma emitters than current scanners.

To enable such a universal molecular nuclear tomography platform the postdoc will explore

  • innovative collimator designs
  • image reconstruction with universal energy-dependent models for high-energy and co-emitting gamma and positron emitters


Postdoctoral Position: Developing Revolutionary Tomography, include the following benefits

  • A gross monthly salary and benefits in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Dutch Universities.
  • A free access to high-quality training programs on general skills, didactics and topics related to research and valorization.
  • Annual holiday allowance of 8% of the yearly salary, plus a year-end allowance of 8.3% of the annual salary.
  • Family-friendly initiatives such as an international spouse program, and excellent on-campus children day care and sports facilities.

Job Requirements

The Postdoctoral Position on Developing Revolutionary Tomography requires that

  • The applicants should have a PhD in medical imaging or another relevant direction. 
  • He/she should have experience in conducting experiments and developing image reconstruction or simulation software is highly preferred. 
  • The candidates will work in a highly multi-disciplinary team. 
  • He/she have good communication skills and an excellent command of English, both written and spoken, are important. 
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Application Process

The application should include a:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter, and
  • Academic transcript with bachelor and master grades.

To apply for the Postdoctoral Position: Developing Revolutionary Tomography, click here.

Application Deadline: November 01, 2021

For more information on the Postdoctoral Position: Developing Revolutionary Tomography, visit the official site.

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