Postdoctoral Position in Recycling of Hydrogen Storage Materials

The faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam calls for applications for a Postdoctoral Position in the Recycling of Hydrogen Storage Materials.

Hydrogen is becoming one of the key energy carriers for the future to deal with the challenge of climate change and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, also because it can help to compensate for the intermittency of renewable energy resources, while it can be sustainably produced from e.g. solar and wind power through the electrolysis of water. Large-scale usage of H2, however, will necessitate its storage at massive scales. Multiple H2 storage options exist, among which through the production and use of NaBH4, associated with the regeneration of the spent fuel NaBO2. It is the purpose of this research project to develop NaBH4 as a circular H2 storage option by modernizing the Brown-Schlesinger process.


The tasks for the Position in Recycling of Hydrogen Storage Materials include:

  • being active in the fundamental and applied main-group chemical research of our research group that operates at the intersection of fundamental physical (in)organic chemistry, main-group chemistry, and circular chemistry,
  • publishing in high-level international journals, presenting at leading conferences, and supervising Ph.D. students;
  • developing in particular novel chemical conversions of boric acid and derivatives to alkali metal borohydrides, to close the cycle and enable the use of NaBH4 as a circular hydrogen carrier 
  • attract external funding
  • involve in the regular meetings with our industrial partner on this project 
  • collaborate with other partners by contributing main-group and inorganic chemistry expertise to (joint) research projects.


  • A gross monthly salary ranges from €2,846 to €4,490 depending on relevant experience before the beginning of the employment contract.
  • 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus,
  • The UvA offers excellent possibilities for further professional development and education.
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Job Requirements

The Position in Recycling of Hydrogen Storage Materials seeks candidates with

  • a PhD degree in the main group and/or inorganic chemistry;
  • strong scientific expertise in main group chemistry and synthetic inorganic chemistry;
  • demonstrated experience in physical (in)organic chemistry, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, and synthetic chemistry;
  • the ability and willingness to expand your knowledge to industrial chemistry and scale-up, as well as techno-economic analyses;
  • you can show enthusiasm and scientific rigor that meets the requirements of the project.

Application Process

Applications in .pdf should include:

  • a curriculum vitae, including a list of publications; 
  • a letter of motivation.

To apply, click here

Application Deadline: August 15, 2022.

For more information, visit the official site.