Postdoctoral Researcher for Data Integration of GHG Fluxes from Organic Soils

The Department of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology, Radboud University seeks a Postdoctoral Researcher for Data Integration of GHG Fluxes from Organic Soils.

To study the effectiveness of measures to mitigate GHG emissions, the National Research Programme on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Peatlands Meadows (NOBV) was initiated following the National Climate Agreement of the Dutch government. In this programme we use transparent auto-chambers and eddy covariance combined with a network of soil and meteorological sensors to perform long-term unattended measurements of soil-atmosphere GHG fluxes and relevant environmental variables across a variety of research sites. Supplemented with microbiological, physical, and biogeochemical soil analyses, they aim to improve mechanistic insight and develop GHG prediction models. In addition to land-based emission, we study emissions from surface waters in peatlands to determine their magnitude and better understand how they are influenced by land use and management.


The research will be related to the following tasks (relative weight to be determined based on your interest and qualifications):

  • data integration of large sets of time series data;
  • improving data processing in R, Python and/or Matlab programming for analyzing continuous data such as GHG data from auto-chambers or eddy covariance or other micro-meteorological time series;
  • computing and constraining carbon budgets on various time scales from contrasting environments;
  • integrating flux data and environmental data to quantify carbon turnover in soils subjected to climate change;
  • collaborative data analysis of key factors controlling effective peatland climate mitigation.

Duration: 1 year and 6 months


  • The gross monthly salary amounts to a minimum of €2,846 and a maximum of €4,490 based on a 38-hour working week.
  • 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus.
  • Excellent pension scheme.
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Job Requirements

Interested applicants for the Postdoctoral Researcher for Data Integration of GHG Fluxes from Organic Soils must have the following criteria

  • experience in environmental sciences, data sciences, micrometeorology and related fields through a PhD or multi-year research assistance.
  • experience/affinity with monitoring greenhouse gas emissions/uptake in the field and biogeochemistry.
  • have experience with programming (e.g. R, Python, Matlab) and handling, analysing and interpreting complex datasets.
  • have a proven record of international peer-reviewed publications related to data processing.
  • a sound writing and oral communication skills in English and a strong ambition to publish future work;
  • proficiency in either Dutch or German is welcome but not required.

Application Process

Interested applicants are to fill in the application form and attach the following documents:

  • A letter of motivation.
  • Your CV.

To apply Postdoctoral Researcher for Data Integration of GHG Fluxes from Organic Soils, click here.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2022.

For more information, visit the official site.

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