Postdoctoral Researcher in Plant Protein Contaminants

Wageningen University & Research is looking for an ambitious Postdoctoral researcher with a great interest in quantitative microbiology (Researcher in Plant Protein Contaminants).

The project aims to predict the behavior of microbial contaminants in plant-based foods to reduce food waste and ensure food safety, contributing to more sustainable foods. It is part of a large consortium project, involving multiple industrial and knowledge partners, that is funded by Top Sector Agri&Food.

The mission of the Laboratory of Food Microbiology is to generate and disseminate knowledge of food-associated microbes to assure the quality and safety of food. In order to control food safety and quality from primary production to consumption, solid knowledge of food microbiology is necessary, and both positive (fermentation) and negative aspects (spoilage, disease) of micro-organisms are studied. The quality and safety of food are relevant for public health, sustainability, and also for enjoying life.


The successful candidate for this position will

  • quantify the heat resistance of important microbial contaminants;
  • closely work together with another partner in the project (NIZO food research), regarding experimental work on growth kinetics of microbial contaminants;
  • use experimental and literature data to develop predictive models for inactivation and growth of key contaminants in different plant-based products;
  • evaluate strategies for control of microbiological risks based on quantitative microbiological risk assessments;
  • publish results and findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Duration: 2 years


  • a competitive gross salary of between €2.836 and €4.474 for a full-time working week
  • sabbatical leave, study leave, and paid parental leave;
  • working hours that can be discussed and arranged so that they allow for the best possible work-life balance;
  • the option to accrue additional holiday hours by working more, up to 40 hours per week;
  • there is a strong focus on vitality and you can make use of the sports facilities available on campus for a small fee;
  • a fixed December bonus of 8.3%;
  • excellent pension scheme.
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Job Requirements

The Postdoctoral Researcher in Plant Protein Contaminants seeks

  • an ambitious, enthusiastic team player and motivated scientist;
  • an excellent academic (PhD) record in food microbiology or food sciences, including experimental experience;
  • candidate with high affinity in predictive modeling and quantitative microbiology risks assessments and experience;
  • creative researcher, being independent yet at the same time being a team player (working together with 2 other knowledge institutes and 11 industrial partners);
  • candidate with excellent oral and written communication skills in English.

Application Process

For detailed information on how to apply, click here.

Application Deadline: May 12, 2022.

For more information on Postdoctoral Researcher in Plant Protein Contaminants, visit the official site.

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