Postdoctoral Researcher in Toxicogenomic

The Faculty of Science and the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research are seeking a candidate with a strong interest in bringing toxicogenomic to the next level by improving its interpretation, dose-response analysis, and FAIRification.

In this project the candidate will work on innovative (data) approaches within PARC (Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals), actively participating in further implementation of the co-regulated gene network framework for chemical hazard assessment. Particularly, the candidate will design approaches to improve the interpretation of gene co-expression modules, including defining ontologies (connecting to the AOP framework) and implementing benchmark dose analysis for gene network analysis.

In addition, the candidate will be jointly responsible for the implementation of PARC FAIR Research Data Management (RDM) policies developed through the PARC project. This includes alignment of the above-described research with FAIR principles and FAIRification of the OMICS workflow. They will also advise researchers involved in the PARC project on compliance with the FAIR data and Open Science principles in all stages of the research cycle: collection, storage, archiving, and reuse of data. They will provide support in the writing of research data management plans for the PARC researchers, as well as training, workshops, communication, guidelines, and checklists.


As a Postdoctoral Researcher in Toxicogenomic, the successful applicant will:

  • Contribute to scientific advancements of co-expression methods in the toxicology context, in particular in combination with bench-mark dose analysis;
  • Development of interpretation ontology for co-expression methods in the toxicology context, in particular in combination with the AOP framework;
  • Contribute to the further developments of the co-expression application TXG-MAPr tool (, R-Shiny);
  • Design and apply case studies to demonstrate the value of co-expression methods and the TXG-MAPr tool for risk assessment;
  • Implement data management policies and guidelines from the PARC consortium;
  • Monitor data management implementation of those policies within work packages (WP5 and WP6) in which Leiden University is involved;
  • Develop guidelines and provide training in data management according to the FAIR principles to researchers;
  • Be and stay informed about local but also (inter)national developments in the field of FAIR data management;
  • Interface with multiple partners in collaborative projects.
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They offer a fully funded postdoctoral position in the vibrant and top edge environment of the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research.

  • Salary ranges from € 3.226,- to € 5.090,- gross per month for a full-time position as postdoc
  • An attractive benefits package with additional holiday (8%) and end-of-year bonuses (8.3 %), training and career development.
  • Candidates from outside the Netherlands may be eligible for a substantial tax break.

Job Requirements

For the Postdoctoral Researcher in Toxicogenomic, the faculty is seeking an outstanding, imaginative, and exceptionally motivated colleague who possesses:

  • A Ph.D. in the field of organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, or chemical biology.
  • Strong organic synthesis background (natural product synthesis, reaction development, multistep synthesis, etc.)
  • Experience in virtual screening, docking, and/or computational chemistry and experience in coding is an advantage.
  • Affinity for computational methodologies is crucial.
  • Ability to work independently (project design, experimental planning, problem-solving)
  • Competitive publication record
  • Excellent written and spoken English.

Application Process

Interested applicants are welcome to submit their applications along with the following required documents::

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae with a list of publications
  • Research Interests Statement (max a A4 page)
  • 2 reference letters

To apply for the Postdoctoral Researcher in Toxicogenomicsclick here.

Deadline: October 25, 2023.

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