Postdoctoral Researcher on Decision-Making Mechanisms in Deep Brain Networks

The Integrative Model-based Cognitive Neuroscience (IMCN) Research Group in the Psychology Department of the University of Amsterdam is looking for a postdoctoral researcher on the topic of decision-making mechanisms in deep brain networks.

The IMCN Research Group is a group of world-leading cognitive neuroscientists who aim to bridge the gap between neuroscience and cognition. Members of the IMCN have a set of skills ranging from neuroanatomy and neurochemistry via neuroimaging to mathematical cognitive modeling.

However, the research will focus on furthering the understanding of the human subcortex through the development of joint brain-behavior models to study decision-making processes across the cognitive, motor, and limbic domains.


The tasks for this position include:

  • developing ultra-high field 7 Tesla (f)MRI protocols to study the human subcortex;
  • developing experimental task paradigms and cognitive models to study decision making processes;
  • collecting and analyzing ultra-high field 7 Tesla (f)MRI data; and
  • developing formal joint brain-behavior models across multiple modalities.


  •  The minimum salary is €3,821 and the maximum salary is €5,230 gross per month
  • remuneration of 8,3% end-of-year bonus and 8% holiday allowance;
  • a solid pension scheme;
  • possibilities to save up holidays for sabbatical leave;
  • professional and personal development programs.

Job Requirements

The Postdoctoral Research position on Decision-Making Mechanisms in Deep Brain Networks requires applicants with;

  • a completed or nearly-completed PhD in cognitive sciences, mathematical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, or similar;
  • a strong record of computer programming in both R and Python, specifically for process modelling and MRI analyses;
  • working knowledge of mathematical psychology, cognitive psychology, ultra-high field functional MRI protocols and data analysis, Bayesian statistics, and ethical experimental practise;
  • experience with open science practices: Publishing open data and open code;
  • strong written and oral communication skills;
  • strong interest in neuroanatomy;
  • demonstrated ability to contribute to academic life, academic journals, academic conferences, and administrative tasks;
  • demonstrated ability to work both independently and as a member of an effective team.
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Application Process

Applications in .pdf should include:

  • a curriculum vitae;
  • a letter of motivation.

To apply for Postdoctoral Researcher on Decision-Making Mechanisms in Deep Brain Networks, click here.

Application Deadline: April 06, 2022

For more information, visit the official site.

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