Research Position in Talent Track ‘AI & Real-World Data’

Radboudumc invites candidates interested in contributing to the development of data-driven care for patients inside and outside the hospital walls for a  Research Position in the Talent Track ‘AI & Real-World Data’.

In this position, the ambition is to unlock and leverage already collected data within Radboudumc and with collaborative partners. The quality and validation of models usually require even more comprehensive datasets, such as international patient registries and international collaborations of the Radboudumc, which involve sharing large amounts of data, and provide a solid foundation for AI and model development.

For these solutions to be successfully implemented in healthcare, they must be fit-for-purpose and permanently reliable, with the capacity to handle ever-increasing data and continuous learning models. This includes demonstrating quantifiable performance, such as added diagnostic value or accuracy of predictions at the individual patient level. Given the learning nature of AI models, these are questions that require further research and methodology development.

They are seeking a solution-oriented researcher with experience in quantitative modeling and analysis of complex (disease) processes, preferably using diverse data sources, specifically medical and real-world data.


  • A gross monthly salary of between € 4.678 and € 6.402 or  € 5.677 and € 7.232 
  • 168 vacation hours per year based on a 36-hour working week.
  • 26 weeks of parental leave, of which 9 weeks are paid.
  • Pension accrual with the ABP Pension Fund.
  • Discount on the supplementary packages of two collective health insurance policies and on ten other types of insurance, from home insurance to legal assistance.
  • A travel allowance via the Employment Conditions Selection Model and a working-from-home allowance of € 2,35 per day.
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Job Requirements

Applicants for this position must meet the following criteria:

  •  Be able to demonstrate their experience in the development of complex quantitative models, preferably including machine learning and deep learning approaches.
  • Have a cross-disciplinary outlook and enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Have proven interest in biomedical problems and drive to develop new methods and reliably put them into practice.
  • Are persuasive collaborative and focused on structural solutions that have broad applicability.
  • Experience in establishing educational training at MSc and post-graduate level is a plus.
  • Are proactive and confident in the dynamic and complex environment of international medical scientific research.

Application Process

Applications in one pdf should include:

  • Motivation letter,
  • Curriculum vitae, and
  • The sectorplan application form that applies to your position.

To apply for the Research Position in Talent Track ‘AI & Real-World Data’click here.

Deadline: July 25, 2024.

For more information on Research Position in Talent Track ‘AI & Real-World Data’, visit the official site.

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