Available Scholarships for Online Courses 2021

Scholarships for online courses is a blessing to many. It has made it relatively easy for students to obtain international education without quitting their jobs or going through the stringent visa application process. Of course, these processes are often accompanied by exorbitant travelling and relocation costs.

However, the cost of studying online for a degree program is more or less as that of an on-campus study, even with more difficulty in obtaining a study loan. This has made many students overlook the online course option. This largely stems from the fact that they are unaware of the many scholarships for online courses available to distance learning students. In this article, we list some top scholarships available for distance learning programs at the Masters, MBA and PhD level. 

Scholarships for Online Master Degree Programs

American University Online Program: At American University, there is a wide range of online courses accompanied with a scholarship such as the Online Master of Science in Health Promotion Management. The best part is that all admitted eligible students are considered for the scholarships.

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Welch Scholarship: Applying for the Masters in Public Health (MPH) program serves as the scholarship application. There is no need for a separate application. International students are more advantaged in being selected. Admitted student receives the Welch Scholarship, which covers tuition and is distributed progressively for each credit (up to 80 credits).

Learn Africa Program: The Learn Africa Program targets African female students via scholarships offered by Spanish universities. It also includes a wide variety of courses.

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University of Edinburgh Distance Learning Scholarships: Twelve (12) scholarships will be given to citizens of selected developing countries to study in one of the University’s many distance learning Master’s programs. More or less every scholarship will cover the entire cost of tuition and will be valid for the duration of the course of study..

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships: This scholarship is open to applicants from the least developed, low-income, and lower-middle-income Commonwealth nations who wish to pursue a part-time online Master’s program for selected programs offered by universities in the United Kingdom.

UNICAF Scholarships: This scholarship is open to underprivileged students of any nationality. Scholarships are awarded based on the academic qualifications, country of residence, and financial ability of the applicant.

Other notable online scholarships include: 

Scholarship for Online MBA

Canon Collins Trust Distance learning MBA Scholarship: This scholarship provided by Edinburg Business School in partnership with Canon Collins Trust. It aims to provide full funding for individuals from low-income countries to undertake their MBA degree at Edinburgh Business School.

Durham MBA online scholarships: These scholarships for online courses is in the form of a tuition discount and it is unconditionally available for students with impressive academic records.

University of Sydney Business School Dean’s Excellence Executive MBA Scholarship: Application to the executive MBA program serves as the scholarship application, which is a twenty per cent waiver on tuition.

Online PhD Scholarships

There are also scholarships available for online doctorate degrees. Commonwealth scholarship for distance learning is a good example.

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Note that the scholarships for online courses are not limited to the above. Now that you have this information, why not start your application now.

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