Software Developer for Education at the University of Groningen

The Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen is looking for a software developer in education.

The Digital Lab is a new initiative of the Computing Science program that aims to modernize the program’s teaching methods by designing, developing, and supporting a suite of tools that assist teachers with their computer lab teaching and facilitate the use of blended learning and e-learning throughout the curriculum. This expanding suite of tailor-made tools ranges from automated code checking and validation to the creation and management of virtualized student environments.

In the role of software developer for education, the candidate will be responsible for the continued development, deployment, and expansion of the Digital Lab tool suite. The candidate will be in contact with teaching staff to determine their demands for the systems and will incorporate their feedback into the products. He/she will work with a broad range of bleeding-edge technologies as she/he is developing Quarkus-based containerized microservices written in the Kotlin programming language. The candidate will also integrate newly developed tools with external applications such as GitLab, GitHub, Brightspace LMS, and the university’s OpenStack HPC cluster.


The Software Developer for Education offers

  • a salary with a minimum of € 3,377 up to a maximum of € 4,640 gross per month for a full-time position depending on level of experience
  • in addition to the salary: 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus
  • minimum of 29 holidays and an additional 12 holidays in case of a 40-hour employment
  • opportunities for professionalization, such as attending conferences and symposia, following training courses, and more
  • a permanent position; consisting of a one-year appointment which will be extended after a positive evaluation.
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Job Requirements

For this software developer position, the faculty is ideally looking for someone who:

  • has affinity with education
  • has affinity with cloud-native development
  • is eager to learn and adopt cutting-edge technologies
  • is experienced in developing microservice applications
  • with knowledge of operating systems and containers
  • has an affinity for security and privacy-friendliness
  • with preferably a Master’s degree in Computing Science or a related field
  • preferably is familiar with a JVM language, such as Java, Kotlin, or Scala
  • preferably has experience with DevOps tools and processes, such as Kubernetes and Terraform
  • is fluent in English and, preferably, in Dutch.

Application Process

To apply for the Software Developer for Education position at the University of Groningenclick here.

Deadline: November 05, 2023.

For more information on Software Developers for Education at the University of Groningen, visit the official site.