The 2023 Global Development Conference on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

The Global Development Network is inviting relevant international research institutions, organizations, and networks to contribute papers, speakers, sessions, dedicated exhibits, and/or side events to the 2023 Global Development Conference on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development.

The conference is supported by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), and the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery and will be held in hybrid format (online and offline) to allow for wider participation, while aiming still for a large contingent to attend in-person. The conference will be bilingual – English and Spanish, with most participants from Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs).

The Global Development Conference will feature substantive and inclusive discussions at the highest level of expertise, grounded in empirical evidence and focused on the interrelated topics of mainstreaming biodiversity, financing nature and biodiversity, and technology and innovation that intersect with biodiversity and ecosystem preservation. The conference is known for its ability to bring together global perspectives on critical issues, which have so far been largely restricted to high-income nations. Through such discussions, the aim is to enhance cooperation and knowledge-sharing among all stakeholders, while also providing a glimpse into the latest advancements and techniques at the intersection of biodiversity and development.

The conference proposes to address the following thematic blocks:

  • Alternative, nature-based solutions for sustainability challenges (including perspectives from indigenous people) 
  • From ecosystem valuation (methodological approaches) and political commitments to implementation of the new GBF 
  • Mainstreaming biodiversity and scaling up mainstreaming 
  • Biodiversity loss, poverty and global inequality – links and trade-offs 
  • Financing nature and biodiversity – domestic, international, private sector 
  • Biodiversity governance – local and international
  • Technology and Innovation – links to biodiversity and ecosystem preservation
  • Interdisciplinary research and capacity building – including diverse knowledge systems
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Venue: Quito, Ecuador.

Conference Date: October 31 and November 1, 2023.


The Global Development Conference will provide a unique opportunity for participants to:

  • Learn from and connects with the leading experts in the field
  • Network and form collaborations
  • Draw media attention to their work
  • Interact with world-renowned academics and policymakers
  • Presentand learn about new Southern Perspective on sustainable developmentissues

Selection Criteria

The selection process will be guided by the following criteria:

  • Expected contributions to one or several of the themes introduced above
  • Policy salience
  • Academic content
  • Innovation in proposed approaches
  • Expertise of the panelists
  • Diversity.

Submission Process

All applications for the 2023 CA/AC Early Career Scholars’ Workshop should be submitted via the application form (link) below.

To apply for the The 2023 Global Development Conference on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, click here.

Deadline: July 30, 2023.

For more information about the The 2023 Global Development Conference on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, visit the official site.

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