The Lisa Jardine Travel Grants for Early-Career Researchers

The Royal Society calls for applications to the second round of the Lisa Jardine travel grants for early-career researchers in History and Science.

Lisa Jardine grants scheme is an international grant aim at encouraging the free movement of researchers across disciplines and countries and stimulating academics studying intellectual history to consider science in their research.

It encourages junior researchers in the humanities and arts to seek to expand their interests in the history of science and related interdisciplinary studies by traveling in order to use archival resources and to build relationships with the Royal Society and other institutions.


Lisa Jardine grants consists of:

  • Research subsistence grants up to £2,000 per month
  • Travel grants up to £2,000 for international travel to any relevant research destination


Qualified applicants must be either:

  • The UK and international applications are welcome to apply
  • Researchers holding PhDs awarded within the last ten years, in early research positions at universities and other eligible organizations (e.g. museums, galleries).
  • The applicant must hold a permanent or fixed-term contract in an eligible organization
  • Doctoral candidates with at least one year’s experience towards the thesis stage
  • Ph.D. students can as well apply


the Royal Society welcomes applications from researchers with disabilities and provides adjustments to ensure that they can participate fully in the selection process.

Application Process

Applications to the Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme for Researchers must be submitted via the Royal Society’s Grants and Awards management system (Flexi-Grant®). Applications require two references and submission approval from the applicant organization before the deadline.

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To apply for the Lisa Jardine International grants, click here

Deadline: September 22, 2021.

For more information about the the Lisa Jardine grant, visit the official site .