Tiny Beam Grants for Academic Researchers 2021

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Tiny Beam foundation calls for application to its research planning grants for Academics and Research institutions to address the “burning question initiative” 2021.

Tiny Beam Fund is a small charitable foundation set up in the U.S. for University-based Researchers planning or recently Started projects addressing Concerns and problems from Industrial Animal Agriculture, especially those related to Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

These grants focus on a set of “burning questions” asked by leaders of NGOs trying to understand and find solutions to industrial food animal production’s negative impacts, particularly in developing countries.

The grants are intended to help academics to develop plans to pursue these “burning questions” or to speed up early-stage research into issues related to these questions. Grants are sent to successful applicants’ universities or academic institutions (which can be outside the U.S.).

Duration: 4 months
  • Multiple grants are available for each round.
  • Each applicant can request a grant amount from US$1,000 (minimum) to US$10,000 (maximum).
  • Grants are paid in full at the beginning of award periods.
  • Applicants (or at least one member of a team) must be enrolled in or employed by universities /academic research institutions that can receive these grants.
  • An applicant (or the principal applicant if it is a team) must hold the Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) or be enrolled in a Ph.D. (or equivalent) program.
  • The university or institution that receives a grant need not be located in the U.S., but it should be equivalent to a US-based not-for-profit tax-exempt organization. And it must be able to accept grants in U.S. dollars.
  • A team should consist of 2 – 4 members. Apart from the principal applicant whose institution receives the grant, the other team members need not be Ph.D. holders/students or have university connections.
Application Process

To apply for the Tiny Beam research grants, the following information is required:

  • Applicant’s general information
  • What are the reasons for applying?
  • What is the grant amount they are requesting?
  • Applicants Personal statement
  • “Burning questions” and countries: Which “burning question(s)” is/are relevant to the research plan you want the grant to support?

Send All Inquiries and Applications to min@tinybeamfund.org

Deadline: November 24, 2020

For more information visit the official site.