Top 5 COVID-Ready Countries Open to International Students

It’s been a tough couple of years, isn’t it? The COVID-19 pandemic has halted a lot of activities in different countries, which have seen many countries impose different forms of restrictions, including travel restrictions, on their citizens and foreigners. Now, where does this put international students? Well, for the most part, learning and teaching have been moved mostly online, but for those who yearn for on-campus learning, we are sure you’ll be happy to learn about the top 5 study destination countries open to international students’ admission amid the pandemic. Let’s dive in to know about these COVID-ready countries.

The United States of America

Taking the 7th spot in the list of best countries according to the US News & World Report 2020, the United States doesn’t need any special introduction. The different attractions the country offers, and the fact that 150 US universities made it to the 2021 edition of the QS world university rankings, have made the US the top study destination for international students.

In response to the pandemic, institutes of higher education in the US have been categorized based on their level of risk which includes: Lowest Risk, Medium Risk, Higher Risk, and the Highest Risk, and their mode of teaching adopted will depend on the category they fall under.

However, many US institutions are open to admitting international students and adopting a hybrid method of teaching, classes will be held both online and on-campus. The on-campus classes will however require that all public health guidelines place are duly followed.

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Canada has begun opening its borders to international students who wish to apply for or continue their studies at a designated learning institution in the country. Schools approved by a provincial or territorial government to accept international students are called designated learning institutions. So, if you have plans to travel to Canada to study, you must ensure you have a study permit and must apply to a designated learning institution with an approved Covid 19 readiness plan. You can only apply for a study permit if you have an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution. Click here to find out if your designated learning institution is approved.

The United Kingdom

Several UK universities have begun welcoming new as well as old international students back on-campus learning, although this is strictly based on closely monitored health safety practices. Students living on campus are also required to not jostle between their permanent home and their accommodation in the school within a term. They can only return to their homes during the holidays.


While some higher learning institutions in Germany have completely switched to online teaching, some have adopted the hybrid model of teaching. Thus, international students from high Covid 19 risk countries coming into the country to study are expected to complete a digital registration before traveling to Germany, and quarantine for 10 days after arrival.


If you’re looking for a country that is more receptive to international students to study on campus, irrespective of their nationality, then France may be your best bet yet. Classes are held both online and on-campus, although practical work is held only on-campus. However, before traveling to France, ensure you have a negative COVID-19 test result not later than three days.

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There you have it, the top five countries you can apply to if you yearn for on-campus in-person learning. Remember, always follow laid down safety guidelines as your safety is our priority.

Stay safe, happy learning!


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