What You Need to Know About International Scholarship for Nigerian Students

What You Need to Know About International Scholarship for Nigerian Students. A scholarship for Nigerian students is a form of financial aid given to students in order to assist them in continuing their studies. It might be a one-time payment, or renewable, with money given to students each semester or school year. It may be national or international. The focus of this article is on international scholarship.

What are international scholarships?

International scholarships are those financial aid granted to students outside their country or states. Are Nigerian students eligible for international scholarships? Yes, they are. Below are some scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students.

Due to the excellent performance of Nigerian students in other countries, many foreign institutions have decided to offer international scholarships to Nigerian students to encourage more applications. Who wouldn’t want a Nigerian in the team? Such scholarship may be in form of:

  1. Fully-funded scholarships
  2. Partially-funded scholarships
  3. Tuition and application fee scholarships
  4. Tuition fee only scholarship, and
  5. Discount fee scholarships.

In another article, we will explain what each scholarships represents and how to apply.

Can you find international scholarships

Yes. Gone are the days when finding scholarship opportunities as a Nigerian student was back-breaking. Today, there are many websites that share latest scholarship opportunities for Nigerians. Academic Hive is a good example.

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How do international scholarships work?

To merit international scholarships as a Nigerian, especially masters’ scholarship, students have to make sure they have one of the best grades at their undergraduate level. That is, their CGPA should be between 3.5 (70%) which is equivalent to second class upper, and 5.0 (100%) for first-class honors.

Every school has eligibility criteria for students applying for international scholarships. You can visit the school website or chat with the scholarship office to understand their criteria and know whether to apply for it or not. When visiting these sites take note of the requirements, put a tick on the ones you have acquired, work on the areas lacking. Remember it’s very okay to let a scholarship go if you don’t meet up to 60% of the requirements. You can work on the ‘I don’t have’ criteria and apply another year or better still apply to another school.

International scholarship applications

What are the required documents when applying for international scholarships? Just as the eligibility requirements differ from school to school, the documents required for application to the scholarship also differs. Below are some of the documents to have as an applicant for international scholarships.

  • Academic transcript
  • CV
  • Letters of recommendation,
  • Research proposal
  • ID card / passport photograph
  • Etc.

For many graduate international scholarships it is very important to learn how to write a good research proposal.

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