What you need to know before picking your Dissertation Topic as a Master’s Students

Choosing a dissertation topic is very much different from when you chose your project topic as an undergraduate. The Master’s program is a more specialized form of the program where you get to major in a very particular field of your choice. Thus, it calls for more discipline and expertise.

The dissertation component is incredibly significant within the Master’s program. It represents your output from your master’s program experience. And you’ll agree with me that picking an outstanding topic, would certainly sell you as an authority in the field as well as enhance your employability status.

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a piece of academic writing centered around original research. Students evaluate prior research in their dissertations but also add to it by developing original theories and methodologies.

A dissertation might be used to refute an earlier hypothesis or to reframe current views and findings. It is a significant research undertaking that is typically finished after the school year.

Your dissertation is most likely the longest writing project you’ve ever finished. It can be intimidating to start because it necessitates strong research, writing, and analyzing skills. Additionally, it is intended to test your scholastic prowess and a variety of employability-boosting skills, including your ability to articulate your views clearly.

The lessons you’ve learnt throughout your course as a postgraduate student are all brought together in your dissertation (well, not everything, but most of it). It represents the pinnacle of your academic career.


Find a topic that interests you.

Your study or dissertation project will take many weeks or months to finish. Therefore, it’s crucial that you pick a subject that interests you. Maybe you’ll come across a subject that’s all about your career. Or perhaps a topic in a different course module will spark your interest? In either case, if you are passionate about the subject of your dissertation, it will be a lot simpler to stay motivated.

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Select a Distinct Option

To ensure that you have the chance to do your study and arrive at your conclusions, it’s crucial to select a distinctive topic for your project or dissertation. It’s rare to find a topic for research that is entirely new, but have you thought of looking at an area that has already been studied from a different perspective? Or perhaps you could create a novel concept from a more narrowly focused area that hasn’t yet attracted enough research?

Don’t be too Ambiguous

An academic piece of writing with a precise topic is ideal for a dissertation or research assignment. Every word should help build the research or argument, and the entire essay must adhere to a defined framework. It may be impossible to properly investigate the topic in the allotted word count if you choose a topic that is too wide, and it may also be quite challenging to come to clear conclusions. Thus, ensure your topic isn’t vague.


Whichever topic you decide to choose, it must be a researchable one. If you allow yourself enough time to explore the numerous subjects you have interest in before you submit your proposal, you’ll likely discover quite quickly whether there are sufficient resources available to let you elaborate on your thoughts and support (or refute) your stance.

Consult your Supervisor for Guidance

Throughout the dissertation writing process, your supervisor will serve as your mentor and adviser. No matter how big or small your question may be, they are there to assist you. Schedule some time to speak with your tutor and seek their guidance when you have an idea for your dissertation or project and you’ve done some independent preliminary research. You can be sure that your tutor will provide you with some excellent choices because they have years of expertise advising other students on their topic selection.

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