Who Says You Don’t Have Experience? That’s A Lie!

Over the weekend, I had this conversation about what to include in one’s CV especially for those who just completed a BSc with very little or no formal working experience. Even if you apply for a Master’s degree program right after graduation at the age of 20, you will still be asked for a CV.

Reason: Admission Committees and employers of labour expect that you have accumulated some experience either formally or informally. “I just finished school” is not an excuse to not present something attractive and competitive.

So here are some nuggets to get you thinking about your CV:

Ever been a class rep for any course? How about writing it as:

  • Class Governor (2018-2020): I worked with students to resolve problems, and informed school leaders and student council of ideas emanating from the class.

Ever hosted a reading group. Like organized night class for your colleagues?

  • Student Learning Coordinator: I assess learning needs and design reading programs for highly motivated students of the Department of Marketing.

Been a babysitter for a relative(s)? When any of your aunts give birth, do you help take care of baby? Worry not. Include this to your volunteering activities section of your CV:

  • I managed an informal daycare service where I devoted about 5 hours each week providing personalized attention to the physical and intellectual growth of kindergartens using a one-parent-at-a-time model.

Your mum sold Akara (Nigerian Bean cake) by the roadside and you were by her side helping her sell or taste it to know if the ingredients were in the right quantities? Here you go:

  • Quality Assurance Officer and Lead Distributor, Mumsy Mini Bean Cake Factory. 😃
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Maybe you took care of your parents’ dog(s) at home? Bathing and playing with them.

  • Pet Sitting Expert: I ensure regular pet hygiene, animal first aid and general pet care services for clients.

Still thinking you have a boring CV?

You’ve actually done more than you think. These seemingly insignificant activities actually reflect your soft skills and capabilities necessary for the real world of work.

They absolutely are worth mentioning in your CV.

Come to think of it, admission committees are not really freaked about your education or number of degrees you possess. They are more interested in seeing what you can do on a daily. Your Skill Set! You are your own best trumpeter. Highlight the things you do and have done over the years. This is what they find interesting!

These simple everyday activities can make all the difference in your job/study abroad applications. By revamping your CV, you competitively set yourself apart from other applicants/candidates!

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